PSL 2022 Points Table and Teams Standings | PSL 7 Points Table

Pakistan Super League Points Table & Teams Standing, PSL 2022

All the six Pakistan Super League franchises are ready to clinch this year’s PSL Trophy. The clubs in the PSL will be vying for the top four slots and a berth in the playoffs by racking up points and moving up the standings. Have a look on latest PSL 7 Points table, teams standing and rakings. The Top 4 Teams on the PSL 2022 Points Table will qualify for the Knockout Stages.


Pakistan Super League Points Table, PSL 2022

Islamabad United0000000
Multan Sultans0000000
Peshawar Zalmi0000000
Karachi Kings0000000
Lahore Qalandars0000000
Quetta Gladiators0000000



Pakistan Super League Rules and Points, PSL 2022

The rules for the seventh season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) remain the same, with the victorious team receiving two points. This means that if there is a “no result,” one point is awarded to each team, but the team that loses gets nothing. The outcome of a match is decided in a Super Over if the teams are deadlocked.

It’s a winner-take-all scenario if the teams are deadlocked at the end of regulation. Here are a few tidbits to help you better comprehend the PSL table:

  • The top position will be deduced by the maximum number of points in the PSL table.
  • If multiple teams are tied with the same number of points, then the net run rate (NRR) will come into force and the team with the highest (NRR) will top the others.
  • Moreover, If in case, even the NRR is tied, the team with the most wins will top the others.
  • If two teams are tied on all the above criteria, then the head-to-head contest between these teams will determine the eventual superior.


Pakistan Super League Format and Points Table Criteria, PSL 7 

Using the double round-robin style, the competition will be held. In the group stage, each team will face off against the other teams twice. The best four clubs will advance to the postseason. The International Cricket Council’s (ICC’s) rules apply to the tournament’s rules and regulations.

As in prior seasons and in any other ICC-authorized franchise T20 competition, the PSL 7 Points Table uses the same points system. Rankings will be based on the total number of points gained in the group stage after 10 matches. The top four clubs in the PSL standings advance to the next round. For a win, two points will be awarded, one point if the match finishes in a draw, and zero points if the match ends in defeat. If a match ends in a draw, a super over will be held.

A team’s position in a group is determined by the following criteria:

  • The team with the highest points at the end of the group stage will finish in the first position.
  • If teams have an equal number of points, then the team with a higher net run rate will finish higher.
  • In case, the points and the net run rate are equal. The team with the highest number of wins in the group stage will finish higher.
  • If the above criteria are equal as well, then the team with fewer losses will finish higher in the table.
  • If all the criteria remain equal. The result of the head-to-head between the two teams will determine the league position.


Previous PSL 7 Teams Standings


PSL Points Table 2021
Islamabad United108200160.859
Multan Sultans105500101.05
Peshawar Zalmi105500100.586
Karachi Kings10550010-0.115
Lahore Qalandars10550010-0.589
Quetta Gladiators1028004-1.786


PSL Points Table 2020
Multan Sultans106202141.031
Karachi Kings10540111-0.19
Lahore Qalandars10550010-0.072
Peshawar Zalmi1045019-0.055
Quetta Gladiators1045019-0.722
Islamabad United10360170.185


PSL Points Table 2019
Peshawar Zalmi107300140.828
Quetta Gladiators107300140.376
Islamabad United105500100.127
Karachi Kings10550010-0.673
Multan Sultans10370060.173
Lahore Qalandars1037006-0.837


PSL Points Table 2018
Islamabad United107300140.296
Karachi Kings105401110.028
Peshawar Zalmi105500100.464
Quetta Gladiators105500100.312
Multan Sultans1045019-0.191
Lahore Qalandars1037006-0.931


PSL Points Table 2017
Peshawar Zalmi8430190.309
Quetta Gladiators8430190.166
Karachi Kings844008-0.098
Islamabad United844008-0.139
Lahore Qalandars835006-0.223

PSL Points Table 2016
Peshawar Zalmi86200120.573
Quetta Gladiators86200120.216
Islamabad United844008-0.282
Karachi Kings826004-0.036
Lahore Qalandars826004-0.536




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