WhatsApp Disappearing Messages will no Longer be Automatically Saved

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages will no Longer be Automatically Saved

WhatsApp’s disappearing message feature, which deletes chats after a set period of time, is getting some changes with the latest beta on Android and iOS. Updates are rolling out to all beta and public users.

The most recent update changes the media visibility option for disappearing chats, implying that WhatsApp has now restricted downloading of disappearing media to make them more secure and private. In the following days, the improvements will be distributed to WhatsApp users on Apple iOS and Android.

When using ephemeral messages, the app will automatically disable the “Media Visibility” option on Android, and the “Save to Photo List” feature on iOS. This prohibits recipients from immediately saving images, videos, or GIFs from disappearing conversations to their phone’s gallery.

Originally, this feature of disappearing conversations was exclusively reserved for messages that had to disappear after a certain time, in order to preserve the privacy of users. Users could, however, automatically save media shared in those conversations so far. Therefore, the latest change made by the company is welcome.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can still manually save media in fading chats: some users on specific versions of Android already have the option to manually save media. You can save media on WhatsApp for iOS as you normally would.