UAE to Host The Remaining Matches of PSL 2021

PCB Proposed UAE to Host The Remaining Matches of PSL 2021

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to hold the remaining matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL 6) in Karachi from June 1, which has been postponed due to coronavirus. However, the PCB is reluctant to spread coronavirus in Asia. Which is why PCB proposed UAE to host the remaining matches of PSL 2021.

The BCCI was criticized for hosting Indian Premier League cricket. Especially in India, the IPL was going on even after the Corona situation went to a terrible level. In the meantime, the cricketers of some franchises were attacked by Corona and finally the IPL was postponed.

Concerned about the Corona situation in India and the postponement of the IPL, the PCB no longer wants to host the rest of the PSL matches in Pakistan. If PSL is organized in such a situation, it may get stuck again in the middle. Especially Pakistan is a country bordering India. The PCB is therefore thinking of hosting the remaining matches in the UAE.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has already informed the UAE Cricket Board. The PCB has sent a proposal to host the PSL matches there. Meanwhile, six PSL franchisees have requested that the match not be held in Karachi under such circumstances. Arrangements are being made in the United Arab Emirates.

Talks are underway between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the UAE Cricket Board. If the two sides agree, the matches will be held outside Pakistan. The schedule will also change. The PSL started on February 20 last year. After 14 matches, it was postponed due to Corona.


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