Twitter To Release Edit Tweet Button Soon in a New Update 2022

Twitter To Release Edit Tweet Button Soon in a New Update 2022

Many users have been asking for an edit tweet button for a long time. However, the practical considerations mentioned by Jack Dorsey, founder and former leader of Twitter, made this need utopian in 2020. Would the current heads holding the reins of Twitter bring innovation to microbloggers ?


Tests insight for the edit button for tweets

Twitter integrates an important social media option with the edit button. However, competing with other platforms requires proven functionality.


Adopt edit buttons to align with competitors

The new management of Twitter led by Parag Agrawal has reconsidered the possibility of integrating a button for editing tweets. An announcement came in particular after Elon Musk’s survey of his subscribers. Still, the company denied that the idea didn’t come from the survey.


Twitter and social media edit button

Previously, former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey said the firm would “probably never” consider the feature. In 2018, this microblogging leader was rather concerned about transparency. Also, there were concerns about how to implement the edit button. However, the other competing platforms already offer the option of modifying publications to social users.


Twitter Blue users perform edit button testing

The social media company’s communications team tweeted that it has been working on an editing option since last year. In the coming months, users of the platform’s subscription service will benefit from the kick-off of testing. However, early access to features remains restricted within Twitter Blue Labs.

Naturally, the possibility of modification would allow social users to correct typos or errors in a tweet. The biggest advantage is not losing the replies, retweets, or likes already obtained. The team of Jay Sullivan, the company’s vice president of consumer products, is finally responding to a long-standing complaint. In this sense, she takes care of the “most requested function on Twitter for many years. “, he underlined.


Does Elon Musk have more plans for Twitter?

A short time ago, Elon Musk revealed that he contributed 9.2% of Twitter’s share capital. Thus, he became the company’s largest shareholder. The poll he posed on the desirability of an edit button on Twitter drew more than four million votes.

“The consequences of this survey will be significant. Please vote carefully. »

Certainly, Twitter will now seek to change its policy in this area following the outcome of the investigation. Mr. Musk appears to make concrete decisions based on findings, so Twitter polls are notoriously unscientific. Overnight, the Tesla boss generated a huge influence on Twitter. It was only the first day, who knows what else he could do in this new position of strength.

One thing is therefore certain. The edit button on Twitter will arrive in the near future. However, would the change in management of this microblogging firm mark an unprecedented milestone for users of social networks?