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Welcome to our comprehensive category page dedicated to the top 5-10 records in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). From batting and bowling feats to team milestones, we present the top 10 and top 5 records that have left an indelible mark on the PSL.

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Batting Records: Explore the batsmen who have etched their names in PSL history with our top 10 batting records. From the highest run-scorers in a single season to most centuries and highest partnerships delve into the extraordinary performances that have lit up the PSL stage.

Bowling Records: Delve into the bowling prowess displayed in the PSL with our top 10 bowling records. Discover the bowlers who have wreaked havoc on opposition batsmen, from the most wickets in a season to the best bowling figures and most economical spells.

Team Records: Witness the collective achievements of PSL franchises with our top team records. From the highest team totals to the biggest margins of victory, explore the remarkable feats achieved by teams in the pursuit of glory.

Individual Records: Celebrate the individual brilliance of players in the PSL with the top individual records. From the fastest centuries to the most sixes and best strike rates, marvel at the exceptional talents who have left an indelible mark on the league.

Wicketkeeping Records: Explore the contributions of wicketkeepers in the PSL with the top wicketkeeping records. From most dismissals to the highest catch-taking rates, delve into the exceptional skills displayed behind the stumps.

Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast seeking to relive the greatest moments in PSL history or a statistician fascinated by records and milestones, our category page is your ultimate destination. Join us as we celebrate the extraordinary talent, passion, and excitement that define the Pakistan Super League.


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