Top 10 Mario Kart Tracks

Top 10 Mario Kart Tracks

On the occasion of the release of the excellent Additional Circuits Pass on Nintendo Switch, we have chosen to dive back into the chronology of the different parts of Mario Kart and answer a simple question (or not): what is the best circuit of all time?

Failing to be completely objective, we have selected the top 10 Mario Kart Tracks and Circuit, which can already be found almost all on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and its DLC. Rainbow Road, Glagla Station, Pinball Waluigi: here are the 10 best ways to throw banana peels and shells at your opponents.


1. Pinball Waluigi (DS)

No need to debate: Flipper Waluigi is THE best track in all Mario Kart games! First released on DS, it makes you feel like a rolling pinball. As soon as the lights go out, your kart is propelled into a vortex and you will then have to avoid the other balls as well as the bumpers, in addition to the attacks sent by your opponents. Both in terms of colors and music (the same as the Stade Wario circuit) or technique, it’s still a marvel, more than 15 years after its creation. We hope to see him again in the next wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC.


2. Circuit of Hyrule (Wii U)

Over the course of the Mario Kart games, several other successful franchises have been entitled to their adaptation on the circuit. This is for example the case of Animal Crossing or even Zelda, with this superb circuit of Hyrule.

In addition to the mountain of death that appears in the distance, we note above all the disappearance of bonus coins and piranha plants, in favor of rubies and Mojo baba from the Zelda universe. Note also that the character of Link is also playable on the latest episodes of Mario Kart.


3. Music Track (3DS)

It was on the Nintendo 3DS and with Mario Kart 7 that we were able to discover this seemingly “banal” circuit for the first time. However, as its name suggests, it is distinguished by its decor entirely inspired by the musical universe. You will have to alternately browse the keys of a piano, and dodge leaping notes, while giant speakers frame the finish line. And in addition, this race is also much more technical than it seems!


4. Coco Supermarket (Wii)

Here is precisely one of the new circuits present on the Additional Circuits Pass. First appearing on the Wii in 2009, the Coco Supermarket takes the form of a giant shopping mall where competitors must race down escalators (to be taken the right way) and make their way through trying to find shortcuts (to the Delfino Dream store for example). Once out of the supermarket, a few traps still await the pilots, in a universe that is still just as fun and colorful.


5. Rainbow Road (SNES)

Colorful, the Route Arc-en-Ciel certainly is. Fun, maybe a little less, especially for beginners. Because this route born at the same time as the Mario Kart saga on SuperNes in 1992 is not lacking in difficulty. Located in space, this multicolored circuit is conducive to falling into the interstellar void, especially on the Game Boy Advance version. Present on absolutely all episodes, the Rainbow Road has also appeared on other games such as Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Galaxy 2.


6. Azure Airport (Wii U)

We find a universe quite close to the Coco Supermarket, except that the aisles of the supermarket are here replaced by the runways of an airport. And there, watch out for landing gear and other obstacles on your way. Inspired by the Delfino Airport level in the Super Mario Sunshine game (released on GameCube), the Azur airport appeared in the game in 2014.  In addition to the many decorative elements, we can notice a typical female voice that we can hear when you’re waiting for your plane. A simple detail, but it proves how carefully Mario Kart circuits are developed.


7. Frosty Descent (Wii U)

We stay on Wii U with this circuit created in 2014 and which has the particularity of being a single layout (and not three identical loops). Skid enthusiasts will be served since this race on ice has many tight turns, conducive to the use of boost. As in almost all circuits, this Frosty Descent also hides its share of shortcuts, which are often the key to taking a comfortable lead and triumphing (especially in the higher difficulty levels).


8. Meadow Moo Moo (Wii)

This second Mushroom Cup race immediately became a Mario Kart Wii classic. A rustic route not far from a farm, with moles and cows that will not hesitate to invite themselves onto the track. The catchy country music was a big part of putting this race in our minds. Short and ultimately quite simple, it is ideal for beginners. Bonus tip: this is a circuit where vehicles with good off-road capabilities are particularly comfortable.


9. Bowser’s Castle (SNES)

Like Rainbow Road and Mario Circuit, Bowser’s Castle has been a staple since the first Mario Kart. And it is clear that it has particularly evolved over the past 30 years. The very flat layout of the beginnings (but already surrounded by lava) gave way to a much more impressive fortress. This is a circuit that requires certain technical ease: normal after all, you come to challenge King Koopa on his land.


10. Playpen Baby (GameCube)

We end this overview of the most emblematic Mario Kart circuits with the simplest layout, but certainly not the least fun. The Parc Baby is a very simple loop, so short that it must be covered 7 times and not 3 during the race. The early ones usually have time to take a turn (or more) from the late ones, so you’ll have a hard time missing out on all the shells, banana peels, and explosions!

Of course, this list is not exhaustive: we could have mentioned the friendly Cap Koopa, Station Glagla, or even Bois Vermeil… but perhaps some will appear in the next waves of the Additional Circuits Pass, by the end of the year 2023? In the meantime, don’t hesitate to tell us which is for you THE best Mario Kart circuit of all time!