Sri Lanka and England Alternative Venue To Host PSL 2021

Sri Lanka and England Alternative Venue To Host PSL 2021

The PCB’s first choice was the United Arab Emirates. The PCB has been making the country their home venue for a long time. This time Pakistan also offered to host the postponed matches of PSL 2021 in the UAE. The PCB was forced to suspend the PSL last year due to coronavirus. PCB is also considering Sri Lanka and England as an alternative venue to host rest of the PSL 2021 matches.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was thinking of hosting the suspended matches of the country’s franchise-based cricket league PSL in Karachi. But due to the coronavirus situation, the country wants to host the PSL at an alternative venue instead of Karachi.

The UAE Cricket Board has not yet responded to the Pakistan Cricket Board’s proposal to host the PSL. The PCB will not get an answer this week due to the Eid holiday. Pakistan may get a reply from the UAE next week. But there is a delay.

According to Pakistani media ARY Sports, Pakistan is still awaiting the decision of the United Arab Emirates. However, it will be very hot in Dubai next June. With that, permission has not been obtained yet. The Pakistan Cricket Board has therefore considered Sri Lanka and England as alternatives. If the PCB proposes, and one of the two countries agrees, the PSL can be held on the island of Lanka or in the English country.

ARY Sports said in their report, ‘The PCB is having trouble planning at the moment. The UAE government has not been able to answer them due to the Eid holiday. The PCB will be able to host the rest of the PSL once the UAE government gives the green light on a number of issues, including player visas and logistics. The PCB will receive a message from there next week.


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