Mohammad Rizwan Ready to Play Even in 50 Degree Celsius

Mohammad Rizwan Ready to Play Even in 50 Degree Celsius

And after a while, the rest of the PSL 2021 is playing on the field, which will be held in Abu Dhabi. The teams are already sorting themselves out. Cricketers are also facing to get on the field. However, the intense hot weather there could pose a tough challenge to the cricketers. Mohammad Rizwan is ready to play PSL 6 even its 50 degree Celsius in the UAE. Pakistani cricketer Rizwan thinks that no matter how hot it is, Pakistani cricketers will not have a problem with it.

Talking to Pakistan Cricket, the Multan Sultan captain said that Pakistani players have a habit of playing in this condition. And so the weather in Abu Dhabi will not be a big issue for Pakistani cricketers.

Rizwan seems to be more confident about himself. The cricketer said with confidence, he will not have a problem playing even in 50 degree temperature.

“I like to play in the heat,” he said. I agree to play even at a temperature of 50 degrees. It will not cost Pakistani players to adapt to this condition. But naturally, it will take time for foreign cricketers to adapt.

Despite Rizwan’s words, the team seems to be suffering from weakness. Rizwan wants to turn Multan Sultan, who is in 5th place in the table with only 2 points, in the second round. He is already talking to the players to solve the team’s problems.

“We are talking to our players about how to do better,” Rizwan said. As a team we did something wrong. We talked to the players about where the mistakes were. Hopefully we’ll turn around.


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