Ricky Ponting Predicts India Australia will Play T20 World Cup 2022 Final

Ricky Ponting Predicts India and Australia will Play T20 World Cup 2022 Final

In this, the former captain of the host country Australia Ricky Ponting chose who will play the final. According to Ricky Ponting, the two-time ODI World Cup winning captain for Australia, the hosts Australia and India will play the final of the T20 World Cup 2022.

Not only the finalist but it has also been announced that Australia will win this year’s title by defeating India. Ponting made such comments in an interview published on the ICC website.

The eighth edition of the T20 World Cup 2022 is just over three months away. In the meantime, the hype about the World Cup has started. The teams have also started planning to bring results in their favor in the World Cup.

Said, “I think India and Australia will play the final (T20 World Cup). I have to say, Australia will win the title by beating India.”

Australia holds the record as the only team in cricket history to win five ODI World Cups. But the T20 World Cup was elusive in the first sixth season! Finally, Australia won the coveted T20 World Cup title in 2021 in the United Arab Emirates in the 7th edition. Still, Ponting was not satisfied.

Therefore, Ponting’s hope is that great Australia will win the title at home. Said, “The current champions (Australia) have got home conditions this time. Which is why Australia’s last World Cup win (2021 T20 World Cup title) was not very special.”

Ponting freely admitted that he did not expect Australia to win the World Cup in the UAE. “The thing is, many people, including myself, thought Australia would not win the World Cup in UAE conditions. But they found a way (to win the World Cup),” added Ponting.

The T20 World Cup 2022 will begin on October 16 this year with a match between Sri Lanka and Namibia in the preliminary phase. The final phase will begin on October 22 with Super Twelve. The hosts Australia and New Zealand will play in the first match.