Ramiz Raja Likely To Step Down as PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja Likely To Step Down as PCB Chairman After Imran Khan OusterĀ 

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja is in Dubai on the sidelines of a meeting of the ICC, the world’s top governing body for cricket. Just then, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted which has raised fears about the post of PCB chairman Ramiz Raja, according to Pakistani media reports, the former cricketer Ramiz Raja is likely to step down from the post of PCB chairman.

Pakistan’s politics and cricket are closely intertwined. According to the constitution of the PCB, the Prime Minister became the Chief Patron of the Board. That is why the change in the PCB will come as soon as the government changes. This is an old incident in Pakistan cricket.

Ramiz Raja came to the post at the behest of Prime Minister Imran Khan after Ehsan Mani’s term as PCB president expired. That is why naturally after the fall of Imran Khan’s government, there are fears about the future of Ramiz Raja.

However, Ramiz Raja has created a wave of life in Pakistan cricket by taking charge as the head of PCB. He is also working on the infrastructural development of Pakistan cricket. However, due to the fall of the government, these works may have to be left unfinished.

According to various Pakistani media reports, Ramiz Raja will resign from the PCB on his own if there is any hint that he will be removed. Even though he has a number of commentary proposals, the former cricketer will think about them.

According to media reports, a former chairman may return to the charge of the PCB. Although the newspaper did not reveal his name. Ramiz Raja is the 36th chairman of the PCB. He is the fourth cricketer to play this role in the PCB. Earlier, three of the cricketers were able to perform this duty. They are Hafiz Kardar, Javed Barki, and Ijaz Butt.