PSL 2022 Prize Money

Pakistan Super League Prize Money, PSL 2022

All players and fans of the Pakistan Super League will be pleased to learn that the prize fund has been enhanced for the upcoming PSL 2022 season. This year, PCB has chosen to enhance the overall prize money for the PSL 2022 to $3.5 million.

Besides, the event itself is exciting in and of itself. The event will be held entirely in Pakistan, which is the most significant factor. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) will return to Pakistan in 2022, and this is fantastic news for Pakistani fans. This is good news for cricket in general since it will help improve the playing conditions in the country.


Pakistan Super League 2022 Prize Money

From the 27th of January through the 27th of February 2022, the Pakistan Super League will commence. It was originally planned that the PSL would begin in March, however the start date was moved up to coincide with Australia’s visit to Pakistan.

The total prize money awarded for the PSL 2021 competition was 112 million Pakistani rupees. First place earned 80 million PKR, and second place received 35 million PKR.

From 112 million PKR to 130 million PKR, the total prize money for the PSL 2022 has been increased. The winner’s portion of the award has also gone up. A total of 90 million PKR will be awarded to PSL 2022 if they win.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) expects prize money and revenue to rise when PSL moves to the country. Dubai/Sharjah, as well as lesser sponsors in Pakistan, have been unable to provide any assistance. Hosting a contest outside of the United States incurs more expenditures, which lowers the prize money. We may expect a massive rise in PSL income in the year that it moves to Pakistan, which would raise prize money monies.


PSL Teams Sponsors

PSL is one of the world’s most exciting sporting collaborations. Thus, it is the financial contribution that keeps the teams energized and applauded. The rights to Karachi Kings, the most expensive PSL franchise, were sold for $26 million, according to the official documents. PSL broadcasting licences are very pricey, as you can see.

Since the inception, the title sponsorship has been linked to HBL. However, it isn’t inexpensive. In 2016, HBL paid $5 million for the right to be the long-term sponsor of this event. The sponsorship was renewed by HBL for $14.3 million in 2021, extending it for a further three years, after it had expired. Pakistan’s Super League has seen a rise in the amount of money invested in the sport as a result of this development (PSL).