PSL 2022 Umpires Salaries

All Umpires Contracts and Salaries for PSL 2022

Pakistan Super League have announced the list of Umpires and match officials for the PSL 2022. The PSL brings in the match referee from all around the world, as well as fresh cricketers. The recent prominence of Shozab Raza, Rashid Riaz, and Asif Yaqoob as umpires will lead to their contracts with the International Cricket Council’s panel of umpires.

After each season, the Pakistan Super League got better. Every match has an umpire who has the power to make or break the outcome with a single call. Umpire salaries for PSL 2022 have risen steadily over the years.


Highest Paid Umpires & Salaries in PSL 2022


UmpireBase SalaryContract
Aleem Dar$20,0002022
Ranmore Martinesz$14,0002022
Shozab Raza$20,0002022
Rashid Riaz$16,0002022
Richard Illingworth$20,0002022
Asif Yaqoob$16,0002022
Ahsan Raza$16,0002022
Michael Gough$20,0002022
Faisal Afridi$16,0002022
Tariq Rasheed$16,0002022
Imran Javed$16,0002022


Only if they were picked for more than 10-11 games during the season can these match officials get a basic remuneration of $16k to $20k. Officials who work less than ten games a season may expect to make between $5,000 and $6,000 total.

Due to the introduction of foreign umpires to the PSL, umpire wages will be changed after the first season. With the addition of sponsorship badges to their jerseys, the PSL match umpires’ wages went up significantly. Only a few foreign officials have joined the Pakistan Cricket Board’s ranks of umpires each season.


How much Umpires Earn Per Match in PSL 2022?

In the fourth edition, the sources indicated that an umpire in the Pakistan Super League earns $1,000, which is expressed in Pakistani currency (176,304). An umpire in the PSL 2022 can earn up to $20,000 based on his pick in the finals, semis, or playoffs.



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