PSL 2022 SOPs, Rules and Regulations

Pakistan Super League Shares the SOPs, Rules and Regulations for PSL 2022

In order to ensure a successful competition, Pakistan Super League has made Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for PSL 2022. Only vaccinated fans will be permitted to participate in the competition for health and safety reasons. To avoid the spread of COVID, spectators are required to wear masks.


PSL 2022 Rules and Regulations


  • Hand Hygiene through handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Use of hand gel with high percentages of alcohol (70%) or other appropriate product is an alternative.
  • Sneezing and coughing into tissues or the crook of one’s elbow – disposal and cleaning hands afterwards.
  • Avoid touching one’s face and nose.
  • Spitting is banned within the stadium.
  • Medical masks must be worn by everyone while in the stadium.
  • Enough medical masks have been secured for the crowd to ensure risk-free environment for everyone in the stadium.


PSL 2022 Tickets Terms and Conditions


  • Individuals above the age of 12 years must be fully vaccinated.
  • Valid vaccination certificates must be shown at the time of purchase and when gaining access to the stadium.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory.
  • Anyone violating bio secure protocols shall be liable to be evicted out of the stadium.
  • Anyone who engages in any act or speech towards any player, referee or any other official in a manner which offend or insults that other person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, color or ethnic origin shall be liable to be evicted out of the stadium.
  • If play is washed out without the toss having taken place a 100 per cent refund is claimable.
  • If play does not take place at the ground on the day for which this ticket is valid, a 100 per cent ticket refund will be claimable.
  • If play is restricted to less than five overs in one innings, a 75 per cent ticket refund will be claimable.
  • If play is restricted to five completed overs but less than 10 overs cumulative a 50 per cent refund is claimable.
  • If a cumulative of 10 overs or above take place in a Match no refund will be claimable
  • For the avoidance of doubt, if 10 or more overs cumulative are played in a Match, then no refund will be claimable.
  • The PCB reserves the right to change ticket prices at its sole discretion based on any government directives and/or NCOC guidelines or instructions relating to crowd attendances at the venue(s).


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