PCB Increased the Pensions of Former Cricketers

PCB Increased the Pensions of Former Cricketers

PCB Increased the Pensions of Former Cricketers

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), headed by Ramiz Raja, gave good news for former national team cricketers. The Pakistan cricket board PCB has increased the pensions amount of former cricketers of the team. After about three years, they increased the amount of money.

Test cricketers 60 years of age or older receive a monthly pension from the PCB. However, from July this year, the former cricketers will get an increase in the previous amount. The PCB said in a statement on Thursday (May 19).

It is said that cricketers who have played 10 or fewer Tests will get a pension of Rs 142,000 per month. Those who have played 11 to 20 Tests will get 1 lakh 46 thousand rupees monthly. In addition, cricketers playing 21 or more Tests will get a pension of 1 lakh 54 thousand rupees.

The PCB has introduced another amendment to the pension policy of former cricketers. Earlier, if a cricketer died in an accident, the heirs would get a lump sum of 12 months’ pension. But that is no longer the case. Their families will now be paid on a monthly basis and not for a fixed period.

Meanwhile, the PCB has confirmed that the amount of pension money will increase every year. Many former cricketers have been in financial trouble due to the recent economic crisis in Pakistan. Former Test cricketers have welcomed the PCB’s decision.

PCB chairman Ramiz Raja said, “As a former cricketer, everyone expected me to take care of the former. I will always look after the interests of former and current cricketers and stand by their financial crisis. ”

At the same time, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja said the newly changed policy would bring relief to Pakistani cricketers and their families.