Top 15 Most Popular Card Games

Most Popular Card Games You Can Play With Your Friends 

Card games are one of the best types of board games in any country. The popularity can be explained by the practical side of the cards. Indeed, a single deck of cards allows you to play different games. Also, among board games, cards are one of the most portables. Except that you always have to know which ones to play. Here is a top of the best card games that will give more atmosphere to an event with friends or family.


Top 15 Most Popular Card Games [2022]


1. The Battle

Among the card games that exist, Battle is one of those that does not require any strategy. This makes it a board game that is easy to learn and therefore accessible to children. The game consists of a battle between two or more players. During the game, the players share the 52 cards equally. Then, they only have to play the top card of their stack each turn. Finally, the card with the highest value wins the stack of played cards. The game ends when a player wins all the cards. On the other hand, there is a Battle when two or more players throw cards of the same (highest) value on the table.


2. Belote

Belote consists of a duel between two teams of two players. The members of a group must position themselves face to face at the table. The goal is to reach 1,000 points first. According to the rules, Belote is played with 32 cards. To reach 1,000 points, players must find the right strategy. In addition, a minimum of 82 points must be scored at the end of each round.


3. The Tarot

Among all decks of cards, the Tarot is characterized by its 78 cards including 21 trumps, an excuse, and four Knights. During a game, each round is divided into two phases, including the bidding phase and the game phase. It can be played with 3, 4, or 5 players. To learn more about tarot, check out the official rules.


4. The 7 Families

The goal of this game is to complete most families. Each consists of six cards that represent its members. During a game, players have the choice between exchanging cards and drawing new ones. However, the game ends when the draw pile is empty. Thus, the person who has managed to complete as many families as possible wins the battle.


5. Poker

Of all the existing variants, Texas Hold’em Poker is surely the most popular. Plus, it’s relatively easy to learn. This version is played with two cards at the start of each round. Afterward, five more cards are gradually exposed on the table. In Poker, it should be noted that being able to bet, raise or fold at each turn offers an interesting atmosphere.


6. The Success

La RĂ©ussite (Patience or Solitaire) is played alone with 52 cards. Before starting, some of the cards are randomly distributed on seven columns boards. The goal is to put the 52 cards back in order. To do this, they must be arranged by color and according to their value on the same board. Being easy to learn, Success is accessible to children and adults alike.


7. The Branches (Rummy)

Rummy allows 2 to 5 players to participate. To take part in this game, you need 52 cards and one or two jokers. Then, each player receives seven cards at the start of the game. The object of the game is simple: get rid of all your cards first. At the end of a round, each player earns points according to the number of cards they have left. The one with the minimum points at the end of the game wins the prize if any. Rummy is one of the card games that is often played during gatherings with friends or even family.


8. The American 8

The American 8 or “Crazy Eights” offers a lot of atmospheres. Depending on the number of players, they can use one or more decks of cards. Indeed, it can be played with an unlimited number of players. The object of the game is simple: to get rid of all the cards in hand first. As for the rules, they are relatively easy to learn. For the more observant, this game is a classic and even inspired the Uno game.


9. Cribbage

Cribbage is all about making combinations of cards to earn as many points as possible. The goal is to reach 121 points first.


10. The Tracksuits

This card game is played with 4 suits and each consists of 10 cards. Here, “oros”, “copas”, “espadas” and “bastos” replace the classic colors.


11. The Coinche

Coinche is similar to Belote , except it requires more strategy. In addition, it includes an auction phase. During this, the lessee announces the contract according to the points he thinks he can collect. Also, players have the choice of no-trump or all-trump rounds. Finally, a classic game is often played in 3,000 points.


12. Le Skat

The rules of this game are very similar to Coinche . However, it is played with 32 cards, and leaves, bells, and acorns take the place of the three classic suits. The heart does not change. It also preserves its superiority. The game of Skat is played with 32 cards and resembles Coinche.


13. Whist

Whist is played for four, with family or friends, with 52 cards. The rules of this game also have similarities with Belote. However, even if communication is prohibited here, the atmosphere is always present. It takes four people to play Whist.


14. Manila

Like several card games in this top, Manila has similarities with Belote. However, the order of the cards is different. What’s more, the trump suit is also defined in another way. Overall, these are the main differences between these two card games. Manila is a card game that is also played with four players.


15. The Bridge

The bridge is also one of those card games that resemble Belote. However, its rules are closer to those of Coinche with its rounds in two stages: the bidding phase and the game phase. In addition, the taker’s partner plays dead. In other words, he only puts his cards in front of him on the visible side. His teammate must therefore play for two players.