5 Most Expensive Spell in PSL History

Top 10 Most Expensive Spell In PSL History

This article includes the list of the top 10 most expensive spells in PSL history, where bowlers went for the most expensive four-over spell.

Over the years, the league has witnessed some breathtaking performances, with bowlers leaving an indelible mark on the minds of cricket enthusiasts.

Most Expensive Spell in PSL: Top 10 Worst Bowling Figures

From the legendary Shahid Afridi to emerging talents like Sameen Gul, each entry on this list tells a unique story of skill, pressure, and the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket.

1) Shahid Afridi – 67 Runs

Shahid Afridi bowled the worst bowling figures in PSL history, conceding 67 runs while managing to take one wicket in his four-over spell.

The maestro, Shahid Afridi, a name synonymous with explosive cricket, found himself in the uncharacteristic position of being the most expensive bowler in a match during PSL 2022.

The match showcased the unpredictability of T20 cricket, where even the most experienced campaigners can face challenging moments. Afridi’s performance adds a fascinating chapter to the narrative of his illustrious career.

2) Zafar Gohar – 65 Runs

Zafar Gohar, in the 2021 edition of PSL, had a tough outing as he bowled four overs, giving away 65 runs without managing to pick up a wicket.

This performance highlights the fine line between success and struggles in T20 cricket, where a single over can significantly impact a player’s figures. Gohar’s expensive spell serves as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of the shortest format.

3) Shaheen Shah Afridi – 62 Runs

In the 2019 season, Shaheen Shah Afridi, a promising young talent, experienced a challenging day on the field. Bowling four overs, Afridi conceded 62 runs and managed to take one wicket.

Despite the expensive figures, this performance didn’t overshadow Afridi’s overall impact in the tournament, as he continued to establish himself as a potent force in Pakistan’s fast-bowling arsenal.

4) Anwar Ali – 57 Runs

Anwar Ali had a forgettable day in the 2016 edition, bowling four overs and giving away 57 runs without claiming any wickets.

PSL 2016 marked the early stages of the league, and Ali’s expensive spell serves as a testament to the challenges faced by players adapting to the evolving dynamics of T20 cricket.

5) Sohail Khan – 57 Runs

Sohail Khan’s performance in PSL 2019 was a mixed bag, as he bowled four overs, conceding 57 runs but managing to scalp two crucial wickets.

This spell exemplifies the dual nature of T20 cricket, where even in the face of adversity, a player can make significant contributions. Sohail Khan’s ability to take wickets amidst the pressure showcased the resilience required in this format.

6) Amad Butt – 56 Runs

Amad Butt, in PSL 2021, faced a challenging day at the office, bowling four overs and conceding 56 runs without securing any wickets.

This performance underscores the demanding nature of T20 cricket, where bowlers are constantly tested, and even a single off-day can be etched into the history books as one of the most expensive spells.

7) Sameen Gul – 56 Runs

Sameen Gul, in PSL 2021, had a challenging outing, bowling four overs, giving away 56 runs, and managing to take one wicket.

His performance highlights the fine margins in T20 cricket, where bowlers often find themselves under immense pressure, needing to balance containment with the quest for wickets.

8) Shadab Khan – 55 Runs

Shadab Khan, a prominent name in Pakistan’s cricketing landscape, faced a tough day during PSL 2021. Bowling four overs, he conceded 55 runs without making a breakthrough.

Even the most skillful players encounter tough moments in T20 cricket, and Shadab Khan’s expensive spell is a testament to the unpredictability of the format.

9) Aamer Yamin – 54 Runs

Aamer Yamin, in PSL 2019, found himself on the expensive side, conceding 54 runs without taking any wickets in his four overs. This spell reflects the challenges faced by bowlers in the power-packed PSL, where batsmen are always on the lookout for opportunities to capitalize on any lapses.

10) Wahab Riaz – 54 Runs

Wahab Riaz, a seasoned campaigner, had a tough day in PSL 2021, bowling four overs, conceding 54 runs, and managing to pick up two wickets.

Despite the expensive figures, Riaz’s ability to make crucial breakthroughs underscores the dynamic nature of T20 cricket, where success is often measured by impact rather than mere statistics.


In the ever-evolving landscape of T20 cricket, the PSL has become a stage where bowlers are often tested to their limits. The top 10 most expensive spells in PSL history, as detailed above, showcase the unpredictable and demanding nature of the format.

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