10 Long-Lasting Perfumes with Silage for Women

Long-Lasting Perfumes for Women. It is no secret that many of our compatriots when choosing perfumes, pay attention to their durability. And this is almost the first condition for the purchase! Well, a lasting and beautiful trail is always good, especially for those who are used to impressing others. This year, perfumers did not disappoint lovers of “loud” women’s fragrances: we bring to your attention the TOP 10 perfumes with excellent silage and longevity that appeared on the perfume market.


10 Long-Lasting Perfumes with Silage for Women


  1. Giorgio Armani My Way Intense

Tuberose, popular last year, does not give up its position now: My Way Intense perfume for women is a vivid confirmation of this. The amazing ability of the flower to open like strawberry jam, fruit punch, chewing gum, or grapes makes tuberose a welcome guest in many compositions. Here, the strawberry-grape motifs of tuberose are complemented by the bitterness of orange and the creamy softness of sandalwood. Catchy, spectacular, incredibly persistent, and very appetizing.


  1. Kilian Love Don t Be Shy Extreme

Another “delicious” perfume is offered by the French brand Kilian. The novelty Love Don`t Be Shy Extreme is described as an intelligent gourmand, which at the same time leaves a long mark on the skin and clothes. Creamy caramel, rose petal jam, crystal white flowers, tart pomegranate, and vanilla marshmallow – this dessert will appeal to all fans of floral and fruity aromas. At the same time, the perfume turned out to be not suffocating and quite suitable for everyday wear.


  1. Byredo Lil Fleur Saffron

The limited edition of the novelty-2021 Lil Fleur is a story about beautiful, cold, slightly metallic roses. Their beauty is set off by the current leaf crushed in the hands, oriental spices, and loud skin. However, not a single note interrupts another, the composition sounds collected and whole. In general, it can be described as a bouquet of roses wrapped in a leather ribbon, in thick sweet and sour currant juice. Perfume – playful, iridescent on the skin – quickly creates high spirits.


  1. Franck Boclet Nirvana

Those who are afraid of mango notes in fragrances due to some of its “chemistry” can be calm. The Nirvana fragrance by Franck Boclet offers a new, extremely natural interpretation of this exotic fruit. This is a great option for the coming autumn because Nirvana is especially beautiful on the skin in cool weather.

The perfumer was especially lucky to combine notes of mango with plum, lemon, jasmine, and basil – thanks to this union, Nirvana does not slide into another sticky and sugary fruity fragrance. A rich woody base with correct musky accents makes Nirvana a new word among fruity-woody editions.


  1. Narciso Rodriguez Black Musk For Her Eau de Parfum

The novelty from Narciso Rodriguez is a real werewolf, which transforms on the skin from bitter woody accents to delicate velvety ones. And although the pyramid consists of only four notes (plum, musk, suede, and heliotrope), the effect is simply amazing.

This woman on the outside is a sweet cat who prefers expensive powder and whipped cream, but inside she is a real volcano of passions, exposing a boiling, heady jam from ripe, juicy plums with spices. Sweet and sour fruits, the slight bitterness of heliotrope, the softness of suede, and fluffy musk make Musc Noir For Her Eau de Parfum an indispensable option for a romantic meeting.


  1. Parfums Dusita Cavatina

If you love lilies of the valley, this incredibly long-lasting and elegant perfume is for you! Fresh herbs, tea rose and jasmine, delicate apple peel, and light bitterness are just the backdrops for moist, ringing, and inspiring lilies of the valley.

This is a forest clearing heated by the sun, green grass and gently nodding trees, inviting you to relax in their shade. Aroma-relaxant, tart-sweet, refreshing, and unbanal. Recommended for everyday use at any time of the year.


  1. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Patchouli

Replenishment in the camp of “Molecules” – now patchouli enters the scene, following ISO E Super and other compounds. Depending on weather conditions, skin type, and humidity, they masterfully change their masks.

Therefore, someone feels a dry tree warmed by the sun, someone feels skin or bitter chocolate, a humid forest, or a basement with mold. All this is the game that this perfume component is capable of, turning from sweetish-languid to smoky or sultry. Unlike many other “Molecules”, the patchouli version is particularly durable.


  1. The House of Oud Neverending

Offered in an unusual bottle, Neverending is distinguished by increased durability, like most of the brand’s creations. First of all – thanks to chords of spices, balsamic motifs, and vanilla. All in all, it’s a warm, spicy elixir that tickles your nostrils and doesn’t feel like breaking down.

Among the brightest notes are delicate suede, velvety oriental spices, sweet amber and white flowers, subtle bitterness, and warm woods. All in all, a real treat for your olfactory receptors. Many note that this novelty is similar to By The Fireplace perfume by Maison Margiela in terms of the created mood.


  1. Carolina Herrera Gold Myrrh Absolute

Do you like woody fragrances with a slightly smoky sound? Then you will appreciate the new Gold Myrrh Absolute, dedicated to myrrh, one of the most important components for oriental-style fragrances. With the help of this ingredient, scented editions acquire a warm, spicy, balsamic sound with subtle earthy undertones.

Gold Myrrh Absolute is an incredibly charming, charismatic perfume, where myrrh is complemented by dry and pungent immortelle, cocoa and pepper, vanilla, and licorice. However, none of the components plays a major role here, performing an integral, beautiful, and well-coordinated symphony.


  1. Lancome Rose Peony

Pink Turkish delight in powdered sugar, red currants, and raspberries, sweet and sour fruit jam decorated with peony petals – Lancome offers you an amazingly delicious dessert that will not leave anyone indifferent. Women’s perfume Rose Peonia is already called “a delicacy for princesses and fairies”, this fragrance turned out to be so unusual, and bewitching.

The rose becomes the queen of the ball here – raspberry, velvety, with a warm sweet aroma, which many of us love so much. It’s nice to receive such a fragrance as a gift – just for the coming autumn when you want to warm up on a dank gray day!



Final Verdict

We hope that our small selection will help you choose one (or several) fragrances that differ from others in their enviable durability and long sillage. But persistence is far from the only advantage of these perfumes, which attract attention with their exquisite compositions and elegant bottles.



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