Lahore Qalandars Signed a Kit Sponsorship Deal with Bank of Punjab for PSL 2022

Pakistan Super League franchise Lahore Qalandars have signed a kit sponsorship deal with the Bank of Punjab for the PSL 2022 in an event at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. Atif Rana, CEO of Bank of Punjab, and Zafar Masood, CEO of Bank of Punjab, inked the sponsorship agreement.

Atif Rana, CEO of Qalandars, was ecstatic with the acquisition.

“Cricket enthusiasts have always been drawn to the Lahore Qalandars. Lahore Qalandars’ performances in the previous six rounds were marred by a lack of luck. This time, however, Zafar Masood has brought luck to the team.”

Zafar Masood, on the other hand, was overjoyed with the Qalandars arrangement and described it as more of a relationship than a sponsorship.

“Not a sponsorship, but an alliance is being formed. We’ve always aimed to break new ground and stand out from the crowd.” Zafar made the comment.

Pakistan Super League franchise Muhammad Hafeez, a senior member of Lahore Qalandars, was in attendance and remarked that the transaction will offer up opportunities for the PSL franchise’s young players.

“The Lahore Qalandars will do their best to live up to the expectations of their supporters and play well in this match. The agreement will create additional avenues for young people to demonstrate their talents. Due to our role as teammates, we are committed to helping the team achieve its goals this year “Hafeez mentioned this.

The Pakistan Super League PSL 2022 Live will begin on January 27 at Karachi’s National Stadium.


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