Jubilee Life Insurance Becomes PSL Official Sponsor

Jubilee Life Becomes Official Insurance Sponsor for PSL 9 2024

Jubilee Life Insurance, the biggest private insurance provider in Pakistan, Jubilee become the official insurance sponsor for HBL PSL Season 9 2024.

The announcement was made at the Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore, and was attended by Syed Usman Qaiser, Head of Marketing and Brand Management, Jubilee Life Insurance, Naila Bhatti League Commissioner HBL PSL, and Sohaib Sheikh, Director HBL PSL.

One of the subsidiaries of the Swiss for-profit Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development is the life insurance business Jubilee Life Insurance, based in Pakistan. The corporation is the biggest and most successful in Pakistan and is based in Karachi.

The highly anticipated ninth season of the renowned Pakistani Twenty20 tournament is scheduled to begin play on Saturday, February 17. The tournament’s primary game locations will be Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Rawalpindi.

HBL PSL Official Insurance Sponsor: Jubilee Life

Jubilee Life has been the Official Insurance Partner with HBL PSL for the past seven years. The collaboration has been praised by both parties as a major chance for the two businesses’ reciprocal growth and development. In Lahore, the HBL PSL Season 9 is scheduled to start on February 17.

Mrs. Naila Bhatti addressed the media before the signing ceremony. She thanked Jubilee Insurance for attending and for being a devoted sponsor of the Pakistan Super League. After six years of sponsorship, they are now on their seventh occasion of rising to the occasion and aiding the league.

She said it’s fantastic that the companies that have partnered with or been affiliated with the HBL PSL have stuck with the competition over the years. It demonstrates that the league’s worth justifies the time and resources invested in sponsoring it. Mrs. Naila stated that seeing the businesses support HBL PSL gives them hope.

Mr. Usman also expressed gratitude in his reply. He claimed that PSL is the most well-known brand in Pakistan and that working with a large company like this makes time fly by.

Additionally, Mr. Usman declared that Jubilee Life Insurance would support the league for HBL PSL 10 in addition to this year’s HBL PSL sponsorship.

He claimed that both their lives and the lives of those in the audience had been touched by Jubilee. He concluded by thanking the intermediaries who made it possible for Jubilee and PSL to execute this agreement this year.


In T20 cricket contests like the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL), sponsorship is very important. They make a sizable financial contribution, increase awareness of the league, and arouse fan interest. One great example is the recent partnership with Jubilee Life Insurance for HBL PSL 9.

According to this relationship, Jubilee Life Insurance gives financial support to the league in exchange for having their name and emblem shown prominently so that more people are aware of them. The league and the sponsor both stand to gain from this.

In addition to providing financial support to the league, this partnership enhances Jubilee Life Insurance’s reputation among the general public and fosters more trust and loyalty. Therefore, sponsorships play a big part.

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