Islamabad United Allies with Star Women Cricketers for PSL 9

Islamabad United Allies with Star Women Cricketers for PSL 9

Islamabad United allies with women cricketers Bismah Maroof, Aliyah Riaz, and Diana Baig as United’s Women Empowerment Champions for PSL 9 2024.

As part of our ongoing empowerment initiative, Islamabad United is thrilled to collaborate with these remarkable leaders once more. We acknowledge the extraordinary talent, commitment, and impact that our cricket players make both on and off the field.

United’s Women Empowerment Champions: PSL 9

As the team’s Women Empowerment Champions, Islamabad United collaborated with three of Pakistan’s women cricketers: Diana Baig, Aliyah Riaz, and Bismah Maroof.

Bismah Maroof, who is well-known for her brilliant batting displays and astute leadership, teams up with Diana Baig, who is quick and adaptable, and Aliya Riaz, who is a strong all-around player.

Beyond past limits, this strategic partnership seeks to uplift and empower women in and outside of the cricket world. These three strong women not only represent Islamabad United’s commitment to gender equality and diversity but also provide an example for aspiring professionals in their respective sports.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bismah Maroof, Aliya Riaz, and Diana Baig to Islamabad United,” Amna Naqvi stated in a statement on the occasion. Their commitment to advancing women’s empowerment is equal to their skill on the cricket pitch. This partnership demonstrates our dedication to creating an atmosphere in which brilliance is unconstrained by gender.


The Women Empowerment Champions program is in line with Islamabad United’s overarching goal of using sports to improve society. The team is committed to utilizing cricket’s ability to shatter stereotypes and motivate upcoming female players.

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