Is Nutripure Really the Best Spread in the World

Is Nutripure Really the Best Spread in the World

Have a feeling of guilt while eating spread, is it over? In any case, this is what the Toulouse brand Nutripure promises us, with its “Pure spread” without oil or sugar. Good for health, is it also good for taste? We tested it and we give you our opinion here…


The First Spread Without oil or Sugar

For a few years now, the spreadable paste market has been in turmoil. If Nutella remains the undisputed leader, Ferrero’s product is regularly under fire from critics. In question: its use of sugar (more than 50%) and palm oil (nearly 20%). And it is above all the latter that is singled out, as it is suspected of being bad for health (its saturated fatty acids increasing the risk of cholesterol) as well as for the environment (being at the origin of significant deforestation).

Also, many brands have unsheathed their palm oil-free spread: Poulain, Nocciolata, Milka, etc., not to mention many brands from major distributors (Monoprix, Auchan, etc.).

In this same healthy spirit (or almost), we have also seen the appearance of healthy chocolate and hazelnut spreads. Or, in any case, cut out for athletes, for example at Foodspring, which launched its “all-vegetable, organic and low-sugar spread”. Protein and vegan, who says better? Well, Nutripure, has decided to go even further by offering the first spread on the market without oil or sugar.


Review Pure Nutripure Spreadable Paste

When discovering the small 220g jar and reading the label, there would be almost enough to be afraid of. Not by the number of calories ingested, but by the ingredients contained in this Pure Spread. And in particular the first, since the one that mainly makes up this product is mashed red beans … Surprising, but why not. After all, we will see at the time of the tasting. Next, come dates, toasted hazelnuts (20%), cocoa (4.8%), rice protein, vanilla extract, and sea salt. That’s all.

In terms of nutritional values, the new creation of Nutripure is also surprising… in the good sense of the term: 30% carbohydrates (including 24% sugars), 13% fat, 8.6% protein, and only 283kcal per 100 grams (against 530 for Nutella). Enough to make us feel guilty for plunging the spoon into it regularly… if indeed we really want to come back to it.


Nutripure vs Nutella

We have already had the right to the brand’s publicity stunt 1000 times, which boasts of doing as well or even better than the Ferrero spread without coming close to it (in all objectivity of course), so beware! But precisely, it is finally time to open the lid and taste this Pure Spread from Nutripure.

To the eye, the texture is already different, more liquid, less “pasty”, and the smell rather pleasant. First tasting with a spoon: the good first impression is confirmed. So we move on to wholemeal toast on a nice slice of bread. We feel that the bean puree brings substance, but the taste of hazelnut and cocoa is there. There is an artisanal side that brings us closer to the Nutripure spread of a product like the Pan di Stelle cream from Mulino Bianco.

Please note: After satisfying your appetite, remember to keep the product in the refrigerator and not in the usual dry place away from heat and light.

Perhaps less addictive than some other references, this spread is an excellent surprise! To put it simply, it’s good and even very good. Both tastefully and nutritionally. The texture surprises at first, but the flavor in the mouth ends up winning. The absence of oil and added sugars, the organic label, the French manufacturing as well as the score of 94/100 on Yuka also plead in favor of Nutripure, especially for those looking for a real good product while having fun.


Nutripure Yuka Spread

Last significant detail: the QR code present on the jar, which allows you to learn a little more about this spread and to discover some recipes, such as that of filled muffins.

No, really, we would almost have liked to criticize it or shout at the simple marketing stunt, but this spread is a very valid (and healthy !) alternative to other references on the market. The best in the world? Everyone will have their own idea…

Offered at the price of €5.99 per 220g jar, this Pure Spread is available on the Nutripure website, as well as in the brand’s partner network (gyms, nutrition stores, organic stores, and pharmacies).



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