Dyson Zone New Headphone with Air Purifier

Dyson Introduces New Headphone with Air Purifier Under the Name of Dyson Zone

For the first time, Dyson entered the field of mobile technology with this innovation, according to one reviewer, this Dyson Zone Headphone is sure to turn the heads of passers-by, note that the equipment has a pair of over-ear and eye-catching headphones. In addition, it is equipped with a mouth visor which serves to purify the air. By creating this device, the company has diversified its products. Indeed, it also manufactures fans and hair dryers.


Dyson Zone, an Anti-Pollution Headphone 

Called Dyson Zone, this new helmet is designed to solve some problems caused by air pollution. It’s noise-canceling and has a fan, motor, and air filters inside each earbud. The filters thus suck in the air and capture the polluting particles as well as the allergens. They are also able to retain nitrogen dioxide, sulfur and brake dust.

After these steps, the visor channels purified air to the mouth and nose. This device is fixed using a magnetic system located on the lower part of the helmet.

According to the results of research carried out within the company, the new audio equipment can deliver 97% clean air to the lungs. In addition, it offers four modes of purification adjusted according to the physical activity of its wearer.

You should know that with the various sensors installed in the headphones, the device is able to monitor the user’s effort and breathing in real-time. What’s more, it automatically switches from one mode to another depending on the intensity of the exercises performed.

It should be noted that Dyson provides an application that allows you to specify the location of the wearer and signals it when the filter needs to be changed. Pocket-lint pointed out that this headset has a battery life of four hours if in low-filtration mode and an hour and a half if in high-filtration mode .


Dyson Zone Design

Featuring a slip-on face shield on the inner part of the visor, the Dyson Zone has an eye-catching design in Britta O’Boyle’s opinion. This Pocket-lint deputy editor told the BBC that the sound quality of the device is excellent. In addition, the headphones have an exceptional aesthetic according to his intervention.

Note that the company took six long years to design this device. She had to create and test 500 prototypes in order to achieve this result. At first, the helmet looked like a snorkel. It was paired with a backpack in which the internal cogs and motor were located. The Verge even called it weird because of its design.

“The Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe on the go… And unlike face masks, it delivers a plume of cool air without touching your face, thanks to high-performance filters and two miniaturized air pumps. »