10 Best Women’s Perfumes According to Men

Best Women’s Perfumes According to Men. It’s no secret that perfumes for her can influence men – captivate them, engrave them in their memory, even after many years return them to moments filled with happiness and vivid emotions. However, not every fragrance chosen by a girl will turn a man’s head. Today we will talk about the women’s perfumes that men like the most.


10 Best Perfumes for Women According to Men


  1. Dolce & Gabbana 3 L’Emperatrice

A fragrance that will make every woman a queen, an empress. With it, it is easy to charm the most impregnable man. The initial notes intoxicate, and envelop with mystery, and magic. Men are captivated by the scent of exotic fruits and flowers, which is why Dolce&Gabbana 3 L’Imperatrice is hard to resist.

The heart of this luxurious fragrance is juicy, ripe watermelon and notes of kiwi. It is this combination – sparkling, fresh – that is inherent in a brave girl who is not afraid of experiments. An amazing combination of cyclamen and musk envelops with a train of seductiveness, riveting male glances to its owner.


  1. Versace Bright Crystal

The best women’s perfume in the collection of the fashion house Versace. In this delicate bottle, the creators managed to recreate the chic, luxurious, sun rays of Italy. The fragrance, like an expensive jewel, will suit secular ladies. The perfume composition appeared in 2006, but during its existence, it has not lost the festive atmosphere.

According to men, the fragrance created by the fashion house Versace has become one of the best in the collection of floral scents. The composition opens with an original combination of sunny, juicy pomegranate, as well as yuzu, which gives a hint of frosty cold.

Aromas of lotus and magnolia are intertwined in a luxurious bouquet, it is complemented by delicate peony inflorescences. The composition turns out to be a little languid and feminine, and this sweetness is balanced by sensual musk, and mahogany – this is exactly the kind of man who wants to see his chosen one.


  1. Carolina Herrera Good Girl

This fragrance can be afforded by a woman who understands how wonderful it is to be bad sometimes. She masterfully manages her magnetism, she likes to be rebellious, bold, and confidently walks in stilettos towards her dream and goal.

Such a woman perfectly understands when to be good, and when to show her bad side. Not every man can solve the mystery of the fragrance, as well as its owner, it must be a special person – strong, able to keep her close to him.

The inner strength of a woman, emphasized by the magnetic aroma, is admired. The composition of almonds, coffee, jasmine, and roses is ambiguous at first glance, but invariably fascinates and excites. And the trail of cocoa, tonka bean, vanilla, and sandalwood feels a little playful and luxurious.


  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

The best women’s perfume for the winter, the composition is quite intense, but it is this fragrance that allows a woman to be free, and seductive. The Chanel fashion house used oriental notes, men love the magic and mystery of the East, and such a woman seems both strong and defenseless, a little cunning and infinitely loving, capable of amazing things for her man.

The heart of the fragrance is patchouli, amber, vanilla, and tonka bean, they envelop and reveal an incredible contrast of delicate roses, and jasmine with fresh citrus fruits. On women’s skin and hair, this sound acquires refined expressiveness and power.

The fragrance is associated with a multifaceted, independent, slightly eccentric, and frivolous girl, she knows how to be cheerful, infinitely appreciates and loves freedom, rebellious, but for the sake of her beloved man, she wants to change.


  1. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

If you are looking for a light, fresh spring-summer scent, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is exactly what you need, this is the best women’s perfume for the summer. Fashion house Chanel once again attracted attention to his creation. The composition turned out to be bright, sensual, and memorable, but it can not be called intrusive. So, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is an eau de toilette that emphasizes the advantages of the owner but does not overshadow her individuality.

Floral and chypre fragrances harmoniously intertwine in the composition, they create a bright, exciting symphony. The combination of quince and grapefruit sounds like a single sensual melody, with light sweet and sour notes. The heart flares with aromas of hyacinth, jasmine, and citrus, and the trail of amber, iris, musk, and cedar subtly captivates.

The owner of this fragrance is distinguished by a bold, confident gait, stylish image, fire in the eyes, cheerfulness, and grace. The composition is universal, and suitable for women of different ages, it will be appropriate in any season of the year. The fragrance creates a relaxed atmosphere, and inspires to grandiose achievements.


  1. Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum

Perfume Giorgio Armani Si Eau De ParfumLife is impossible without the joy, vivid emotions, colorfulness, and the aroma of Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Toilette. The composition turned out to be sparkling, elegant, and youthful – it is a symbol of femininity, and sophistication.

The composition envelops the skin with floral-chypre notes, the sensations are reminiscent of delicate silk, which gives bliss and enchants those around you. The fragrance is built on contrasts – sweet currant, fragrant pear, freshness and sourness of mandarin, tartness of bergamot, exotic neroli.

Heart notes sound like a sophisticated bouquet of freesia, and roses – they create an aura of magnetism, seduction, and romance. The trail is light, bright, and filled with amber, vanilla, musk, and patchouli. The fragrance is ideal for an optimist and eternal daydreamer.


  1. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

The top 10 best women’s perfumes cannot do without Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia. According to men, this smell is the embodiment of tenderness, and femininity. This is the aroma of seduction, the sea coast, the Mediterranean, and vibrant nature. It was after a holiday on such an island that Giorgio Armani created this masterpiece.

The perfume turned out to be fresh, warm, and sunny, it feels exotic and the attractive to flowers. The scent perfectly combines softness and passion. The author dedicated the composition to the element of water, a boundless source of balance and harmony. The fragrance will surely be appreciated by connoisseurs of freedom who know what they are striving for, and who have achieved harmony. The owner of the perfume is strong, at the same time romantic, and tender.

Men note the ideal restraint of the composition, there are no sharp, flashy notes in it, and each note – fruity, berry, spicy, floral, woody – is harmoniously woven into the overall ensemble. The smell is revealed for 4 hours and is quite stable throughout the day. Ideal for any season.


  1. Paco Rabanne Lady Million

In 2010, the best perfumers of the Paco Rabanne fashion house presented a feminine fragrance to the whole world, which will captivate men and women even today. The perfume has become incredibly popular thanks to the amazing composition filled with woody and floral scents. The composition is incredibly seductive, languid, with its help all facets of female nature are revealed, her tenderness, attractiveness, and playfulness.

The bottle emphasizes the richness and luxury of the fragrance – it is made in the shape of a golden diamond. The composition opens with sensual neroli intertwined with lemon and raspberries. Heart notes are fragrant with orange blossoms, jasmine, and gardenia. The trail envelops with honey notes, amber, and patchouli.

The fragrance is associated with luxury, and chic, it is noteworthy that a group of perfumers who had previously created the best men’s perfume with the same name worked on the women’s composition. The French are well versed in fashion and fragrances, it is not surprising that it was perfumers from France who created this amazing scent that envelops a woman in luxurious French chic and unique charm. The owner of such a smell is amazing, every day she reveals new facets and inevitably becomes a worthy companion of her man, his diamond, pride, and center of attention.


  1. Armand Basi In Red Eau De Toilette

The best women’s perfume for a sensual, passionate woman in a luxurious red dress. This indomitable, unforgettable beauty knows how to play seductive games with men and always wins. She was used to the passions burning around her.

At the same time, a woman remains feminine, ready to give herself to her beloved man. The aroma sounds loud from the first chord – it’s ginger, mandarin, bergamot, cardamom. The composition immediately attracts attention, and makes you turn around.

Then a floral composition of lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, and violet blooms, covered with a blanket of moss, woody notes, and amber. The sophistication and sensuality of the fragrance are emphasized by a bottle of rich red color – the color of flamenco, passion, and love.

The fragrance, as if, takes you from urban everyday life to the wild, where unbridled emotions reign, lightness, and colors become brighter. Perfume is not limited by age – it can be used by young girls and mature women.


  1. Lacoste Pour Femme

Each feminine fragrance is an attempt by perfumers to create the key to the unique and unpredictable nature of a woman. In the fashion house Lacoste, they got as close as possible to unraveling this mystery.

The composition is complex, but this fragrance is a successful attempt to penetrate the very depths of the female soul, find placers of precious stones there and, of course, raise them to the surface so that everyone can admire this luxury. Naturally, this is not about precious stones, but about the multifaceted female nature, the attractive features of her character, which are combined into a single image – seductive and sensual.

The composition is represented by luxurious woody-floral notes, they inspire a fragile, mysterious, romantic woman to amazing, unexpected actions. The perfumed bouquet is composed of juicy bergamot, delicate, fragile freesia, passionate pepper, and nutmeg. For the heart note, the authors chose rose, violet, and hibiscus, surrounded by spices, cedar, and sandalwood. This composition is for self-confident, strong, determined women.


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