9 Best Russian Perfumes (Brands) You Must Wear

Best Russian Perfumes (Brands)

How to choose the best Russian perfumes if you do not understand domestic brands at all? We offer a small overview of the most popular manufacturers of Russian fragrances. Of course, our rating could not include all brands of fragrances, but we have chosen the main representatives of the Russian perfume market.


9 Best Russian Perfumes (Brands) You Must Wear


  1. New Dawn (Nouvelle Etoile)

One of the oldest Russian brands, created in the 19th century by the Frenchman Heinrich Brocard. The history of the brand began with the release of soap, which allowed Monsieur Brocard to expand production and launch perfumes on the market.

In 1889, Heinrich’s products were awarded a high award at the World Exhibition. After the revolution of 1917, the brand changed its names – following the change of leadership. As a result, instead of “Brocard and Co”, the brand became known as “New Dawn”. It happened in 1929, and the brand is still known under this name.


  • Nouvelle Etoile Red Moscow

The very first association that comes to mind even for those who are not particularly familiar with New Dawn perfumes is the Krasnaya Moskva perfume. Interestingly, they appeared in 1913 and were created specifically for the Russian Empress.

The composition has survived to this day, retaining its main components. Now it is perceived as a large bouquet of carnations, stored in a wooden box with powder and oriental spices. Perfume is considered a retro fragrance, although it is also in demand among modern fashionistas.



  1. Brocard (Brocard)

When choosing the best Russian perfumes for women, do not ignore the products of the Brocard Group holding. It was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur David Tetruashvili and successfully sells its own products not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and even the European Union.

Perfumes are made at the Aroma Academy plant near Moscow, and the brand’s management invites foreign eminent perfumers to create fragrant compositions. The low price and attractive compositions provide the brand with constant consumer interest and demand.


  • Brocard Franca Feretti Siesta

This is one of the hits of the brand, which has collected a lot of rave reviews. The fragrance in unisex style reminds one of cold green tea with jasmine, the other reminds of blossoming orange grove on the Mediterranean coast. And someone generally associates perfume with the smell of freshly laundered linen or expensive powder with a lemon scent. In any case, this is a versatile fragrance for everyday wear.



  1. Sergio Nero

The founder of the brand, Sergei Nerushai, believes that domestic perfumes should be affordable. Created in 2008, the Sergio Nero brand uses this philosophy to release perfumes in a casual style, that is, for everyday life (office, sports, business negotiations, meetings with friends). The brand is distinguished by an impressive range of fragrances, among which it is easy to choose products for any life situations.


  • Sergio Nero Pour Homme

In a dispute about which Russian men’s perfumes are considered the best, the Pour Homme perfume unconditionally wins – a plume, but unobtrusive and not cloying fragrance for men. Herbs, tobacco and ginger, spices and honey form a truly masculine composition that is indistinguishable from niche ones. At the same time, she has a special charm – elegant, refined aristocratic.



  1. Cosmogony

Domestic perfume brand, which was created in 2017 by Brocard Group. The philosophy of the brand is Tarot cards, astrology and alchemy, as well as the images of the Sun and the Moon and their influence on all life on our planet. Perfumery was created as a niche, the legendary “nose” Bertrand Duchaufour was invited to work on the compositions.


  • Cosmogony Sacred Earth

The composition really has a selective sound – due to the use of fig chords. These are moist, tight and juicy fruits, green leaves, fresh summer greens, creamy coconut pulp and 100% happiness. From the very first application, you find yourself in a tropical forest near a waterfall, and the feeling of bare feet on the ground wet from warm rain does not go away for a very long time.



  1. Guy Alari

The company, founded in 2000, owns a plant in Moscow, which uses high-tech equipment and has a solid range of fragrances. According to brand representatives, the formulas of all perfumes are created in France, which allows Guy Alari products to successfully compete with other manufacturers in the mass market segment.


  • Guy Alari Princess Carolina

If you are looking for the best Russian perfumes for women, we offer “Princess Carolina” – seductive motifs of flowers and fruits, sounding very feminine and flirtatious. This is how the village meadow smells, where the lungwort and field grasses blossomed, and then the mowing began. Basically, the fragrance is about forest honey and apples, but someone even catches a resemblance to the famous “Angel” from Thierry Mugler. Let’s check?


  1. Parfums Genty

Subsidiary brand of Alcor and Co., which has been the winner of the competition “1000 Best Enterprises and Organizations of Russia” for several years now. According to the owners of the brand, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used for the production of perfumes – essential oils from the best plantations in the world. Raw materials are transformed into full-fledged perfumes at the Lauren Cosmetics factory, equipped with advanced equipment. By the way, foreign designers are responsible for the design of the bottles.


  • Niagara Parfums Genty

Cool fragrance on the theme of freshness, sea and summer fruits – lime, watermelon and bergamot. Many who have tried perfume have persistent associations with expensive soap, with the smell of a clean body after a shower, and this is no coincidence. The publication is dedicated to the American Niagara River, so someone can distinguish in the plume the aroma of river water, green leaves and wet branches bent over a stormy stream of trees.


  1. Edgardio Chilini

The history of the brand began in 2006, when the talented perfumer Sergey Karov decided to share his ideas and developments with the public. Previously, Karov created custom fragrances, taking part in various competitions, such as The Art and Olfaction Awards.

Sergey is inspired by a variety of things: for example, for the Universe perfume, such an impulse was the discovery of scientists. Astronomers, using a radio telescope, found molecules of a substance in gas clouds that smell like … rum and raspberries.


  • Edgardio Chilini Universe

The unisex motto has become the phrase “The whole universe smells like raspberries”, and now you can enjoy fantasies about space, wherever you are. Interestingly, the perfume consists of only three notes – raspberry, raspberry liqueur and rum. But how simple the composition is, how rich, noble and expensive-sounding the fragrance turned out to be!


  1. Beautimatic

One of the incredibly prolific brands from Russia, releasing fragrances for all occasions. Beautimatic perfume bottles are distinguished by a stylish and colorful design, they are nice to receive as a gift, even if the hero of the occasion is very fastidious.


  • Beautimatic Sexy Siniora

The composition of “Sexy Signora” consists of three components: fluffy sweet mimosa flowers, smooth creamy sandalwood and sexy musk. The result is an incredibly beautiful floral bouquet with a honey aftertaste and playful mood. A wonderful present for a lover of mimosa and floral perfumes in general.



  1. Alan Bray

Legend has it that this Russian brand is named after a French perfumer who loved to travel the world. Since 2003, within the framework of Alan Bray, collections have been released on a variety of topics, allowing you to easily choose perfumes for yourself and as a gift for your loved ones. A nice bonus is the low cost of fragrant products and pleasant, balanced compositions.


  • Alan Bray Cote d Azure

Refreshing splashes of the ocean breeze settling on a bouquet of jasmine, peony and roses, cold orange juice with a spoonful of caramel in a wooden glass – Cote d`Azure, or “Cote d’Azur”, will be an excellent choice for summer days. It is recommended to be applied to create an appropriate positive mood.



Final Words

We hope you will choose the right perfume for yourself from the whole variety of domestic fragrances presented above. Many underestimate Russian perfumery, and it is absolutely in vain: in this boundless ocean you can find a real pearl. Happy shopping!


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