7 Best Giorgio Armani Perfumes For Men

Best Giorgio Armani Perfumes for Men. Dressing in clothes of an elite Italian brand is a great pleasure, and complementing your image with an elegant, rich train of exquisite perfumes is doubly pleasant. We are talking about the fashion world of the talented fashion designer Georgie Armani. Of course, each man has his own best men’s perfume from Armani, but we offer an overview of real bestsellers. Perhaps in the proposed rating, you will choose something new and original for yourself.


7 Best Giorgio Armani Perfumes For Men


  1. Giorgio Armani Code Pour Homme


Family Oriental
Perfumer Clement Gavari, Antoine Lie, Antoine Meisondier
Top Notes Citrus, refreshing bergamot
Middle Notes anise, olive, guaiac wood
End Notes Tobacco, tonka bean, leather accords


The composition was created in 2004, this is the first in the Code line. A seductive, mysterious men’s perfume by Giorgio Armani, which beckons with oriental spices. The fragrance is suitable for successful, strong, charismatic men.

It will be appropriate for parties and business meetings. In the fashion world, this fragrance is associated with an intellectual, charming urban man, keeping up with fashion and the times. Interesting fact! A pair of women’s fragrances to men’s Giorgio Armani Code Pour Homme – Armani Code Pour Femme. In a pair, two perfumes create an ideal pair, as if, are attracted to each other.


  1. Giorgio Armani Code Profumo Pour Homme


Family Oriental
Perfumer Antoine Meisondier
Top Notes Citrus, apple freshness, fresh bergamot
Middle Notes Lavender, orange, nutmeg
End Notes Styrax, tonka bean, leather accords


Men’s perfume Giorgio Armani is presented in 2016. It turned out to be sensual and attractive, enveloping in sweet bliss. It will be a great addition to the image of a restrained, self-sufficient, confident, real man. Experts call the fragrance the quintessence of masculinity.

The perfume turned out to be bright, and rich, creating an irresistible attraction, which takes your breath away. The composition is suitable for everyday use and evening look. Armani Code Profumo Pour Homme was first introduced in 2016.

In the upper sound, the crunch of fresh green apples is felt, seasoned with the juiciness of mandarin, a hint of spice. The heart of the composition reveals the aroma of lavender, the seductiveness of nutmeg, and the tenderness of orange. The intensity of the plume is enhanced by leather and amber.


  1. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme


Family Citrus
Perfumer Alberto Moralis
Top Notes Citrus, jasmine, neroli, delicate bergamot blossoms
Middle Notes Rich floral extravaganza, spices, marine accords
End Notes Luxurious masculine composition – white musk, amber, oakmoss, cedar accord


Among men’s perfumes, Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme is rightfully considered a bestseller. It is noteworthy that the perfume was created by an Italian designer under the impression of an amazing landscape – a volcanic landscape combined with a refreshing breeze, and bright sun.

At first, the composition opens with fresh notes with a slight jasmine tinge. Sweetish, spicy notes, flowers, and peach appear softly. The train sounds courageous and refined. Interesting fact! Perfume Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme has long been the most popular, respectively, sold in the Giorgi Armani fragrance line.

They like to buy it in the cold winter because warm accords give a summer scent and involve them in a romantic mood. Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Home perfume will help you reveal yourself as a multifaceted personality.


  1. Giorgio Armani Armani Code Sport


Family Oriental
Perfumer Jacques Cavalier-Beltrud
Top Notes Menthol, mandarin
 Middle Notes Citrus, ginger inflorescence
End Notes Luxurious masculine composition – watery accords, vetiver, amber


The perfume, presented in 2011, takes you to the night metropolis, calm, mysterious, and immersed in drowsiness, but the air on the streets is permeated with electricity. Aroma, as if, magic – awakens emotions, passion, and feelings.

There comes a time of revelations, when only two remain in the world. It is Armani Code Sport that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a heady, seductive night. The main feature of Armani men’s perfume is freshness and lightness.

According to Giorgio Armani, a modern man must lead an active lifestyle. The freshness of the fragrance will surely appeal to active, dynamic, athletic people. This is the final touch of an ambitious, courageous person and is perfect for daily use.


  1. Giorgio Armani Code A-List


Family Oriental
Perfumer Alberto Moralis
Top Notes Citrus, bergamot
Middle Notes Lavender
End Notes Tonka bean, guaiac tree


Initially, the Code A-List fragrance was released in a limited edition, but it was so fond of and caused a huge amount of positive feedback that in 2018 it was decided to present the release of the perfume. Enigmatic notes of guaiac wood have been added to the updated version, and the intensity of the fragrance has been enhanced with the help of lavender and tonka bean. The world saw a new fragrance, which was appreciated as a ticket to an exclusive world of luxury, seduction, and elegance.

An impetuous but soft fragrance suitable for evening meetings and business negotiations. Citrus notes give confidence, herbal freshness brings piquancy. The duet of bergamot and mandarin will be appreciated by men of any age and status. Code A-List is the first step into a world that can only be accessed by exclusive invitation.


  1. Giorgio Armani Armani Code Ice


Family Oriental
Perfumer Alberto Morillas
Top Notes Menthol, citrus, ginger
Middle Notes lavender, geranium
End Notes woody notes


The fragrance, which appeared in 2014, turned out to be unexpectedly light and even frosty. Many compare it to the Mediterranean breeze and masculine determination. Designed for bold, ambitious men who skillfully combine elegance and luxury, inexhaustible energy and dynamism.

Frosty freshness appears already in the upper sound of citrus and ginger. The heart of the composition – lavender, and geranium – somewhat softens this freshness. The composition is built on contrasts – cold and warm, calm and passion. Exquisite Italian classics are manifested in this fragrance, enveloping masculinity and irresistibility.


  1. Emporio Armani Stronger with You


Family Oriental
Perfumer Cecile Matton
Top Notes Menthol, violet, cardamom, pepper flowers
Middle Notes Melon, lavender, sage, and a pinch of cinnamon
End Notes Amber, chestnut, vanilla, cedar


The fragrance sparkled in 2017 and turned out to be warm, and sensual. It is noteworthy that the men’s perfume was created as a second half to the women’s fragrance Because It`s You. The harmonious combination of two compositions enhances the sound of each of them, such a duet symbolizes sensuality and mutual love.

From the first moment, the perfume fascinates and delights. The top sound is softly replaced by aromas of lavender, sage, and notes of candied chestnut add passion. The fragrance emphasizes the charisma and self-confidence of a man.

Experts note that the composition turned out to be strong and magically attractive. In one bottle, Giorgio Armani managed to embody true, modern love between a man and a woman. The fragrance is built around intrigue, flirting, and candied chestnut perfectly copes with this role.



Story of Giorgio Armani, the Italian Fashion Designer

Giorgio Armani was founded in 1975. Initially, the fashion designer produced collections of clothes that have always been at the epicenter of the attention of critics and fashion magazines. With the expansion of the empire of Giorgio Armani, the range of goods also increased. The accessories line was no less successful. Watches, jewelry, and haberdashery served as the final, elegant touch in creating the perfect male image.

Perfume from Giorgio Armani is always character, originality, and impeccability. And no wonder. After all, the best perfumers are working on the creation of new fragrances. Today, fragrances with the GA logo are produced by L’Oreal.


Giorgio Armani’s first perfume

The history of Armani fragrances began in the 80s of the 20th century when Giorgi Armani signed an agreement with L’Oreal. Armani’s first men’s fragrance was described as elegant, fresh, and sophisticated. This fragrance unobtrusively emphasized the seductiveness of a man. We are talking about Acqua di Gio. It was after their release that the famous fashion designer was talked about as a talented perfumer.

Good to know! The line of men’s perfumes by Georgi Armani is an eternal classic, symbolizing originality and impeccable taste.

To date, the collection of the Italian fashion designer and perfumer has 15 unique fragrances from light and refreshing to intoxicating and sexy. Each Armani men’s perfume is easily recognizable, the fragrances are comfortable and for the most part universal, because they contain the main principle of the Italian fashion house – minimalism.

Acqua di Gio – a refreshing line with hints of the sea breeze, the composition includes exclusive molecules that enhance the sound of bergamot and spices;

Code — men’s perfume Code Armani is truly masculine, moderately sensual, and moderately independent; the top notes are filled with juicy fruit pulp with a drop of menthol;

Mania – a clean fragrance with a pleasant sound of musk, vetiver, fruit composition, amber;

Eau de Nuit – this series is compared with the clothes of the famous Italian fashion designer – moderately elegant, moderately luxurious, and strict, notes of iris and woody composition are felt;

Eau de Cedre is a great choice for the warm season, the composition is based on citruses, black tea, bergamot, and cardamom;

Eau d’Aromes is an oriental fragrance with a spicy sound combined with sensual patchouli, light, delicate vetiver;

Reno is a classic fragrance, especially loved by Italians, there are notes of citrus, cedar, and nutmeg.



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