10 Best Essential Oils for Perfumes

Best Essential Oils for Perfumes. Cosmetics have always known how to play with the sensations of people and their personalities through the senses because it is no secret that sight, touch, and smell are three of the senses that most notably participate in feeling good about yourself. himself and that attracts the glances of many other people.

But have you thought about whether a perfume is only made up of chemical substances or prepared in laboratories? We assure you that this is not the case and we have proof of this with the famous essential oils, those that are made from natural preparations and that do not deteriorate the ozone layer or the people themselves.

We have prepared a perfect article with The 10 Best Essential Oils for Perfumes, those that are the aroma that is so needed to feel comfortable with a perfume throughout the day, from warm aromas to other fresh ones, there is no doubt that all of them will accompany you throughout the months.


10 Best Essential Oils That You Can Use as Perfume


1. Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine essential oil is one of the most used aromas for the elaboration of perfumes since it has an exquisite, feminine aroma and also many good uses when it is combined with other fragrances, so the result will be from another planet.

To begin with, this is one of the most coveted essential oils since it works in low quantities, so when manufacturers use its mixture in the production of perfumes, they do so with tiny drops because its aroma is very intense and long-lasting.

But in addition, it has a floral and divine fragrance, full of freshness as well as creating a perfectly loving environment, indicated to be used especially in the spring and autumn seasons. The use of jasmine essential oil is also not limited to its aroma, it can be mixed with frankincense essential oil, and even take a steam bath with both of them so that your body is scented after getting out of the shower.


2. Calendula Essential Oil

Calendula is highly appreciated in cosmetics since it is very intense and also provides perfumes with a medicinal aura that serves to purify the body, so if you want to clean yourself inside and have a delicious aroma on the outside, this is your essential oil.

Different types of benefits are obtained with this essential oil, one that stands out is that it is made for all skin types, which is why when used in perfumery it is essential to moisturize and repair damage such as extreme dryness. As it also speeds up the process of creating new cells.

Thanks to the fact that calendula has a lot of hygiene, it is not surprising that this essential oil creates an antibacterial effect and even helps hair hydration. If we talk about its aroma, calendula provides perfumes with warm air, but it does not interrupt freshness in any way it is designed to be used in the winter months as well as to start a day with energy.


3. Bergamot Essential Oil

Known as green gold, bergamot is one of the essential oils that leaves the best fragrances on the skin, the product of a long distillation process where everything is natural and that is why its aroma remains on the skin for so long as it becomes part of the aroma. of the best perfumes, you see in stores.

It is a citrus fruit, although it often does not seem like it, and it is that it originates from China and was taken to the rest of the world where it has applications in all areas. Bergamot essential oil is perfect for perfume because it gives it a citrusy, spicy, and very refreshing fragrance, always leaving a phenomenal body sensation, which is why it is the perfect aroma for summer.

It should be noted that this type of perfume that is based on bergamot essential oil is also usually quite full of vitality and expands people’s senses and allows them to cure oily skin problems. Therefore, more than an essential oil for perfumes, it is a balm to treat skin problems and insomnia.


4. Patchouli Essential Oil

Converting the essential oil of patchouli into perfume is to do it with one of the greatest aromas that exist since humanity has the used reason and because it has been known to adapt to any time and season of the year, therefore it is reliable in all its noble essence.

Patchouli, first of all, is a perfect aroma for unisex, liking both men and women since it is flexible with its aromas and feelings. It is an ingredient that is usually perfectly accommodating since it does not have a schedule, its use is good at any time.

Its aroma is somewhat floral and somewhat fruity, quite strong, yes, and that is why you have to be careful in the amounts that are used of this aroma, but with just a couple of applications it is enough to keep its aroma throughout the day. Its aroma says a lot about the personality of the person and that is why the best seasons to use it are summer and winter, the opposite poles and the most extreme seasons.


5. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon has powerful effects on smell, and for different reasons, it always ends up sneaking in as a perfect stimulant, whatever the person, turning a boring day into a very entertaining one with just one use, therefore its use is extremely valuable.

This essential oil has a spicy, warm scent that lingers long, leaving perfumes feeling over-the-top uplifted and doesn’t dampen the chances of a high-heat encounter. Cinnamon being so energetic in the same way creates that aphrodisiac effect that other perfumes may lack and that is why so many women and men wear them alike.

It is also interesting that we review cinnamon since it in the form of oil can even be used on the skin and have the same type of effect as perfume. It is necessary to highlight that in winter this type of aroma contained in a perfume is usually used more frequently, in one way or another it always leaves its mark.


6. Vanilla Essential Oil

Perfumery would be nothing without vanilla and that owes a lot to it since it is the most well-known sweet aroma on the planet, especially in women. Vanilla when you have it in essential oil is wonderful and leaves a feeling of wanting to keep trying it.

We anticipate that you can prepare a perfume of vanilla essential oil with about 30 drops of its oil plus about 5 of ylang-ylang and 5 more of ginger essential oil, the result will be explosive between sweet and floral. It is in turn a perfect perfume to ignite the passion and femininity of women, no other perfume can afford to boast so much luxury and sensuality in one when it has vanilla essential oil with it.

But going back to its form, vanilla contains a series of components that are sweet enough to leave their mark miles away, which is why it is so appreciated by those who want to have an aroma on their skin for a long time.


7. Tea Tree Essential Oil

With the essential oil of the tea tree, not only wonderful results are achieved at the level of aromas, but it also serves as aromatherapy, making it clear that it is one of the most complete oils, the most unique of its kind.

This type of oil is one of the most used in the world of cosmetics for perfumes because, above all, it allows to relieve tensions and, in addition to providing a leafy aroma of trees and the freshness of nature, it manages to create a lot of comfort in the body of the person who uses it.

Aromatherapy is another use that is given to this oil but in the form of perfume and while it is being used daily as part of the beauty routine, the immune system will also be rewarded at all times thanks to the fact that it has vitamins such as the A and C to be able to have a direct reinforcement on diseases and symptoms as common as the flu. Just a little of your application to feel good.


8. Rose Essential Oil

They usually call the essential oil of roses the king of aromatherapy and they are not lacking in reason, since it gives the woman who uses it strong power of sensuality adapted to each of the characteristics that a woman normally has, that conceives an aroma too linked to eroticism and feeling good about herself.

The purposes of oil like that of roses are many, the first is to be able to grant a sensual and absolutely sweet effect because the aroma of a rose is like that, always causing encounters between two people and it also has a complex internal formula that serves to all kinds of women regardless of whether they are extroverted or not.

By using this oil in a perfume, they ensure that women feel relaxed in addition to regenerating all dead cells, which ultimately, of course, translates into a strong astringent. It can be used alone or mixed with other types of perfumes, but the truth is that it always takes the lead.


9. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Woody notes are too common in perfumes that are made from the famous essential oil of cedar, which has a strong, masculine aroma and is fresh at all costs, thinking of course in the winter season, without a doubt a fragrance masculine in all its extensive form of understanding.

The best thing about this essential oil is that it does not need to be mixed with another aroma since in one way or another it leaves its mark as it is extremely strong and intended for strong men. Above all, it feels like a logically woody oil, but with floral overtones since it is usually extracted from forests where these fragrances come together in one.

Let’s not forget that it also has a very classic and contemporary cut, elegant and designed for very special moments. It is usually felt for quite a long time when it is mixed in an aroma and it also leaves the skin with a delicious sensation that cannot be missed.


10. Lavender Essential Oil

We are going to finish with a classic within the essential oils that are used in perfumes, it is lavender essential oil, which is one of the favorites for all the freshness it brings, especially in spring and autumn, that is why it is recommended for men and women.

Lavender essential oil leaves a spectacular aroma of fresh flowers and with that, it is also accompanied by a powerful essence that allows us to see a floral air, but that can be lost over the hours, it is an aroma that does not impose and that thanks you can make your aroma accompanied by, for example, lemon essential oil, a few drops will suffice. It must be said that the effect of lavender on the skin is spectacular, leaving it said that above all it will leave everything that has to do with the dermis well purified.


Final Considerations

Reviewing the 10 best essential oils for perfumes, we can see that there is clearly a purifying essential among all of them and that they easily fit both sexes, that’s why we recommend them whatever your intention and context, essential oils will never pass Fashion.


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