9 Best Essential Oils For Oily Skin

Best Essential Oils For Oily Skin. The vast majority of people think that oily skin is associated with a lack of cleanliness on the part of those who suffer from it and this is something that is quite far from being real since it is a natural condition since fat accumulates in the skin. dermis in a much more common way than, for example, in dry skin.

For these types of people, there are a significant number of products that help them combat this type of skin, and that comes to the fore in the name of essential oils, which of course have an innumerable number of properties and benefits for this type of skin. It can look normal and even beautiful.

Essential oils for oily skin are those products that have a substantial application on the skin thanks to the fact that in addition to purifying it, it gives it a quite healthy appearance and with a touch as soft as possible. That means that The 9 Best Essential Oils for Oily Skin are for you, giving you the best that these oils have to resurface from very oily skin.


9 Best Essential Oils For Oily Skin


1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is always an outstanding ingredient for all skin types, but it has an excellent property for all those oily skins that need a second life. That is why its essential oil is luxurious to combat the obstruction problems it has.

One of the most important points of using lavender essential oil for oily skin is that it manages to maintain smooth skin without drying out or clogging pores. That’s because lavender has among its best properties deep hydration as well as the power of flower purity at its highest level.

Lavender essential oil must be used on oily skin, especially at night, to have most of its benefits at rest. It can be applied using a few drops when it is the turn of the deep cleansing routine and especially on the face. It is in this simple yet powerful way that lavender essential oil acts on the skin of people with this uncomfortable problem.



2. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon has always been recommended as one of the best citrus fruits to combat oily skin since it is the best possible ally for people with all skin types, but we are going to focus on oily skin that is so insufferable. The lemon essential oil has a very high number of properties that we will unravel little by little.

First of all, lemon is a moisturizing agent, because it has a huge amount of vitamin C inside it, which opens the pores and flushes out all possible types of impurities that enter the skin. Although the aspect that stands out the most about lemon essential oils for oily skin is that they regulate sebaceous secretion, which, when accumulated, makes the skin have that greasy appearance that nobody likes.

First of all, this oil has among the particularities that it can be applied directly to the skin without any problem since it is not a toxic agent, much less, it can even be mixed with less than five drops on the moisturizer so that it has a better effect when combined with. with the properties of these creams such as hydration.



3. Geranium Essential Oil

Natural cosmetics have left a good number of products that do not harm the skin and leave it radiant in every way, so to talk about geranium essential oil is to do so with fantastic properties for the skin and for anyone who has oily skin, let’s take a closer look.

What people with oily skin like most is that this oil is non-irritating and antiseptic, allowing this type of skin to cover its details very quickly. On the other hand, being an antiseptic by nature, it becomes much easier to be able to heal wounds in the blink of an eye.

It is a super cleanser since having oily skin is sure to accumulate impurities in the dermis. Well, geranium is perfect because it allows you to see young skin, but also clean, ideal for stopping the passage of time. If you want to see its cleansing effects quickly, you can dilute 1 drop of geranium oil into 2 drops of oil and then in ylang-ylang essential oil to apply to damp skin.



4. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil is a natural ally for people who suffer from oily skin because it is one of the most used thanks to its advantages in terms of cleaning and toning the skin, which after all is what oily skin requires. this type.

Its use is directly contained in, for example, deep cleansing and toning, fundamental pillars for anyone who needs cleansing for oily skin. To all this we are going to add that after constantly applying the skin begins to feel much softer and smoother, meaning that all impure substances such as fats that are so present in these people have been eliminated.

In the future, it has excellent insurance against problems and it is that the blackheads, as well as the residues of different types of bacteria, will be eliminated from the skin in a matter of days. This ally in the form of oil is usually used in masks to better absorb its great properties on the face, that is, leaving it to act for twenty minutes and simply removing it with water.



5. Hazelnut Essential Oil

Hazelnut is one of the richest fruits that are included in the so-called essential oils because they give the skin exquisite results from the point of view of cosmetics in general, but without forgetting the health of the people who are using it, therefore it is worth mentioning.

The first thing that hazelnut essential oil will recover from people with oily skin is hydration, to which we add that it will touch the dermis, but without exceeding it so as not to create problems with skin that is too moist. This oil is one of the most comfortable that exists since it is absorbed in a very short time.

All kinds of blemishes, dots and even scars caused by poorly controlled oily skin will be eradicated in a very short time, giving the skin a really fine appearance and soft to the touch. This advantage is maintained throughout the day as it is a highly recommended oil for people with extreme cases of fat.

Due to the high amount of vitamins it has, this oil stands out because it gives the skin an appearance that is always young and with a sensation of great flexibility. It is recommended to use this oil on a moisturizing cream adding about five drops and mixing.


6. Argan Essential Oil

Oily skin recovers in a matter of days when using argan essential oil, which is highly recommended in any case, directly related to beautiful skin, this oil should be used individually or at most, mixed only with moisturizers with a neutral pH.

What makes argan essential oil so special is that it normalizes excess oil in the skin, leaving the levels where they should be and that will not be noticed in the dermis of those who use this oil. Also, just by using it once, you can see natural lighting that is synonymous with a job well carried out.

Its use should be done daily by mixing about three drops with the moisturizer that is normally used for the skin of the body. These types of ingredients will help oily skin hydrated but will eliminate fat to the point of looking radiant.


7. Tea Tree Essential Oil

The therapeutic uses of the tea tree are put to the test with its essential oil, which is nothing more and nothing less than one of the most respected in the world of cosmetics, revealing that the leaves of this tree are perfect for covering dry skin and of course, oily skin.

Among its great properties we have, for example, the elimination of infections, this to be able to remove from the inside out all kinds of problems associated with the fats that remain inside the skin and make a stained face look stained and with excess sweat. . But thanks to the fact that it is a great antibacterial, it is allowed to be an oil that cures the acne that is seen so much in people with oily skin.

It is effective when you are looking for, for example, the elimination of points as well as any wound that you have on the skin. As if that were not enough, its use is simple, it is based only on being able to dilute a few five drops in a diffuser or on the other hand, in some conductive substance such as vegetable oil and it will be ready to be applied directly to the skin.


8. Rose Essential Oil

Women will greatly appreciate the use of rose essential oil since it is one of the most feminine and easy to adopt oils that exist, it is a type of oil that gives it that touch of softness that others can give it, but designed above all for women. women.

It has a strong moisturizing effect, which is nourished by the regeneration of oily skin cells so that new ones are born without the excess that characterizes the first ones. If previously there had been some type of excesses such as scabs or stains, these will go away with daily use.

Due to its high content of vitamins A and C, this essential oil is a great helper to stop the passage of time and it is oily skin that unfortunately produces premature aging. Its ease of application on any type of skin makes this oil a recommended fix to be applied directly to the skin.


9. Sage Essential Oil

We end with the essential oil of sage, which has advanced properties at the time of cosmetics since it provides both hydration and tonic and even antiseptic advantages, that is why it is usually highly recommended to attack the problem immediately.

It has a very regular production of sebum, specially designed for people who need to maintain a minimum production to avoid having so many fats. Its use is also perfect for the treatment of imperfections that derive from oily skin such as acne and characteristic inflammations.

Sage has a high supply of vitamins, but above all, it has an effect that powerfully hydrates the skin in a very short time, but still leaves it quite soft in any case. Therefore, it is the right hand of all those who want to see fast results.


Final Considerations

Oily skin can be a constant headache for people who must endure stares and uncomfortable touch while their condition comes to light, which is where these nine best essential oils for oily skin do their part. In addition to offering you excellent moisturizing properties, they also regulate excess oil, allowing the skin to behave naturally throughout the day and night. You can mix them with other moisturizers or oils, but the fact is that whatever their formula, they will say goodbye to oily skin.


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