Andy Flower Reveals the Reason for Not Be A Part of PSL 9

Andy Flower Reveals the Reason for Not Be A Part of PSL 9

Former Multan Sultans coach Andy Flower reveals the reason for not being part of PSL 9 due to time constraints and exhaustion.

Subsequently, he resigned from his position as coach, and Andy Flower was replaced by Abdul Rehman as Multan Sultans’ coach for the forthcoming PSL 2024.

Andy Flower Will Not Be a Part of PSL 9 2024

Andy Flower revealed that he won’t be coaching Multan Sultans in the forthcoming 9th PSL season owing to scheduling constraints and the weariness during an interview with the local cricket website.

Regretfully, I don’t now have the time or energy to complete PSL 2024. I played the ILT20, Pakistan Super League, and IPL last year without taking any breaks at all, and I discovered that I was becoming tired and made some blunders.

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Flower talked about how much he loved working with Alamgir and Ali Tareen, and how much he respected the Tareen family during his time with the Multan Sultans. Flower applauded Abdul Rehman’s hiring as coach even though he won’t be back this season.

It is important to keep in mind Andy Flower’s outstanding contribution as Multan Sultan’s head coach. After winning the PSL in 2021, the team finished second in 2022 and 2023.

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