5 Most Sought Professions in Web3

Metaverse: the 5 professions that will be the most sought after in Web3

In recent years, the web has been undergoing a revolution with the advent of the metaverse. A project that arouses a lot of enthusiasm among companies and Internet users. Meta, the parent company of Facebook has notably decided to turn to this New World accessible by virtual reality. But if this parallel world is still struggling to find a place of choice with the general public, it could attract the favor of the world of work. Here are the 5 most wanted professions in the metaverse.


1. Web3 Developer

The metaverse opens the door to a new era for the web. There will no longer be any question of Web 2.0 that we currently know with the advent of social networks and websites. It will be about web 3.0, with more interaction. Currently, full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers are the main game masters coding these networks and websites. But when the metaverse will take over, web3 developers should take over to code the sites and virtual world based on the blockchain. So, if you want to get into computer programming today, it might be a good idea to turn to Web 3.0, because it’s one of the most sought-after professions in the metaverse.


2. Virtual and augmented reality designers

Gateway to the alternative world offered by the metaverse, virtual reality will be an indispensable object of Web 3.0. Therefore, the design of a virtual reality environment will be necessary. And for that, you will need specialized professionals. They are, in a way, architects of the New Virtual World. It would therefore be one of the most sought-after professions in the metaverse.


3. Cybersecurity Expert

Even if blockchain technology has been considered very secure so far, it is important to keep in mind that cybersecurity remains a very sensitive area. In its infancy, web 3.0 will undoubtedly face many attacks. It, therefore, becomes necessary to find experts in cyber security to secure the virtual universe. Cybersecurity will therefore be one of the most sought-after professions in the metaverse.


4. Innovation manager

The metaverse is also an opportunity for many marketers. They will be able to hit targets directly and sustainably. But to take full advantage of this world, companies will undoubtedly need specialists. This is where the innovation manager becomes very important. It will be a guide for marketers in the metaverse.


5. Crypto-Artist

The NFT market has exploded considerably in 2021. The ape yacht club is one of those major players with high hopes for the coming years. Many brands such as Nike are already catching up. The objects to be used in this world will be created by the artists. Web 3.0 therefore also represents a great opportunity for them to create and resell works. They will also be solicited by these brands that want to reach more people.

If you are thinking today about professional retraining, do not hesitate to choose one of these professions. The metaverse is announced and should impose itself in the years to come. Especially since E Emmanuel Macron thinks of developing a European metaverse if he were to be elected.