15 Best Men’s Underwear Brands

Best Men’s Underwear Brands. For most men, underpants are one of the things that don’t make the “clothing that’s fun to buy” list. Even the most avid shopaholics can feel guilty spending money on such a seemingly insignificant item. However, the right underwear will often decide whether your day (or date) is going to be great or terrible. To make sure that the most precious will be found in the best attire, we have compiled a list of the best brands of men’s underwear.


15 Best Underwear Brands For Men to Wear


1. Calvin Klein

When Calvin Klein introduced its first line of underwear, there was a revolution in how men thought about buying underpants. In the early 80s, this underwear was made famous by Marky Mark, and then the tight-fitting silhouettes were appreciated by everyone. Since then, the status of this brand as an icon of underwear, no one has been able to refute. With ultra-modern designs, perfect fit, and quality fabrics, CK remains the best-selling brand on the market.


2. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani underwear has long been synonymous with luxury and sex appeal. He is preferred by David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Lingerie from Armani is an exceptional design and soft fabrics – cotton, microfiber, Pima cotton, and modal. In the brand’s lines, you can find classic monochrome briefs, boxers, thongs, and trunks. The company also offers colorful seasonal prints.


3. Hugo Boss

German luxury brand Hugo Boss offers a wide range of briefs, boxers, and trunks. Made from a quality cotton and elastane blend, they provide a comfortable fit and just the right amount of support to keep you looking chic.


4. Diesel

The colorful underpants from Diesel are usually made of stretch jersey that is superbly fitted and breathable. The brand brings a touch of fun and youth to all its lines so that even on a dull rainy day, you can feel better just by wearing this underwear. And it will be great, even if only you know about it. The brand is also experimenting with textures and materials, such as using stitched inserts and even metal parts.


5. Polo Ralph Lauren

With over 40 years of experience behind it, Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with the versatile design of all time. The range includes low-cut and mid-cut briefs, boxers, and trunks with a logo on the waistband. All briefs are available in black, white, and gray, in addition to the iconic Polo Ralph Lauren red and blue.


6. Derek Rose

British brand Derek Rose is what you need for special nights. The company uses only high-quality cashmere, wool, silk, and cotton, and is engaged in the production of fabrics on its own. If you can say luxurious underwear for men, then this is undoubtedly it. If you want to please yourself or someone you love, Derek Rose is an excellent choice.


7. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s lingerie line features high-quality underpants in black, white, and gray. The Italian luxury brand offers a small range of briefs and boxers made from high-quality cotton. There is a well-recognized logo on the belt. The underwear has a tight-fitting silhouette and short “trouser legs” so that nothing restricts freedom of movement.


8. Ermenegildo Zegna

Founded in 1910, Ermenegildo Zegna was ahead of its time in many ways. Based on the mission of creating innovative fabrics and using new production processes, the company has been able to offer the best quality textiles from Italy. Today, the brand introduces a complete line of boxers, briefs, and trunks for men, exclusively made in Italy.


9. Hanro

More than a century of history and the constant pursuit of technical innovation have made Hanro one of the leaders in the lingerie market. The Swiss company produces luxury quality products, which is expressed in the use of exclusively natural fabrics, patented technology, and attention to detail. The brand’s philosophy is “low-profile luxury”, which they also describe as “less but better”.


10. Bonds

One of the iconic Australian brands, Bonds produces well-recognized underwear. Their classic yet bright patterns and fun prints are chosen by men of all ages. Bonds recently updated its blends, resulting in fabrics that are particularly soft to the body and have a great fit. The brand has budget lines, so buying Australian lingerie won’t hit your wallet too hard.


11. Hanes

Hanes is a US brand that specializes in the production of not only clothing but also casual underwear. The brand prides itself on delivering comfort, value for money, and innovation. The company focuses on the family buyer. Hanes’ business is built on offering quality items that won’t break the budget.


12. Uniqlo

With the introduction of the AIRism underwear line, Uniqlo earned the accolades of world-class athletes such as Novak Djokovic. Their advanced fabric technology allows them to create materials that absorb moisture and quickly wick it away from the body so that a person is always comfortable. The AIRism range offers endless comfort all year round, for everyone, everywhere.


13. Duluth Trading

The guys from Duluth have chosen their mission to provide maximum comfort for the working person. To do this, they have developed elastic underwear with optimal support, which ensures dryness and comfort. Or, as they like to say about it: “No sweat, no smell, no clamps!”


14. American Eagle

American Eagle is another great option for those who are looking for beautiful and comfortable underwear in the lower price segment. Known for its eccentric prints, the brand’s lingerie line includes many well-fitting, loose-fitting designs. American Eagle uses different fabrics: jersey, blended and synthetic fabrics, and cotton. The choice of material is determined by whether you need to cool or heat your lower part.


15. Exofficio

Exofficio aims to produce durable underwear that suits the active adventurer. These lightweight briefs or boxers will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable during any outdoor activity. Added to this are UV protection and impregnation with repellents so that nothing stops you during your holiday.


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