15 Best Men’s Perfume 2022: Rating, Review, Buying Guide

Best Men’s Perfume 2022. An expensive, luxurious fragrance is an integral part of the image of a modern, well-groomed man. Not surprisingly, many representatives of the stronger sex pay special attention to the choice of their fragrance. Our article is devoted to a difficult question – how to choose the right men’s perfume. Every year, new fragrances appear on the shelves of stores, among which, at times, it is not so easy to find the only one that matches the image and temperament. Let’s understand the new men’s perfume 2022.

It is generally accepted that eau de toilette is an optional attribute for a man, however, a well-chosen fragrance will emphasize the male individuality. Some people prefer a light scent, while others prefer fresh, sporty scents, and some men prefer fairly heavy scents with a trail. In the article, we will try to rank the most persistent men’s perfumes.

This season, bright, juicy aromas, and fresh toilet waters with notes of a breeze are popular. As noted by well-known perfumers, the current trends in the world of elite fragrances are very conditional, since each person is individual. It is important to choose a fragrance that perfectly matches the image of a man and his lifestyle.

Fresh scents with marine notes are more suitable for young people, while respectable men may opt for heavier scents with woody notes. For athletes, perfume houses annually release special series of fragrances – daring, active.

Characteristic features of new men’s perfumes:

  • trends are focused on invigorating scents with fruity undertones;
  • timeless classics remain in fashion – woody aromas with spicy notes;
  • the list of topical fragrances includes fresh, minty, and marine toilet waters.

Among the variety of brands, the most important question remains – which men’s perfume to choose – Lacoste, Givenchy, light or with a train.


15 Best Perfumes for Men to Buy in 2022


  1. Big Pony Collection 2 by Ralph Lauren

The fragrance is perfect for the cold season, it has sweet notes of chocolate, musk, and a unique combination of spices and citruses. Such a spicy smell perfectly warms in autumn and winter. Men’s perfume is persistent, with a train, suitable for successful middle-aged men.


  1. Bleu De by Chanel

Fresh fragrance with warm notes – this composition can be called sensual and daring, it seems to envelop and pierce. The accent of the fragrance is made on bright, juicy citrus notes, which are harmoniously set off by hints of wood and vetiver.


  1. Man Eau Fraiche by Versace

In the ranking of the popularity of men’s perfumes, this luxurious fragrance occupies a leading position. Eau de toilette is ideal for self-confident and dynamic men, the composition embodies sophistication and movement.

The base notes intertwine lemon, bergamot, and rosewood. The heart of the composition reveals notes of wormwood, tarragon, sage, and cedar. The composition is completed with musk, woods, and amber. If a man is active and appreciates development and dynamism, please him with this luxurious and noble fragrance.


  1. Aventus by Creed

Eau de toilette from an English trading house was created for male conquerors and restless travelers. The fragrance is complex, it took almost a year and a half to create. The result of the work is an impeccable scent packaged in a stylish bottle.

If a man in his life does not accept anything but victory and strives for conquest, perfume is a perfect choice. A distinctive feature of toilet water is that each component was created by hand according to old recipes.


  1. Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy

The Gentleman series first appeared in 1975. However, for many years there was only one fragrance in this family, recently another Gentlemen Only eau de toilette has been added to the collection. This men’s perfume from Givenchy is an example of elegance, notes of copper, patchouli, and leather are captured in its smell.

This composition is created to play on the senses, it is sexy and crazy. The smell attracts and possesses improbable magnetism, giving the man elegance and charm. The price of Givenchy men’s perfume is quite high, but the fragrance is stable and economically consumed.


  1. Homme Sport Extreme by Kenzo

This aquatic fragrance from a well-known trading house was created especially for summer. Frosty notes, as if cooling in hot weather. The main notes are the freshness of lime and mint, complemented by notes of elemia resin, cedar, and hints of wood. This is the choice of active, energetic men who love beach holidays and the sea breeze. Eau de toilette demonstrates peacefulness and friendliness.


  1. Homme Parfum by Dior

A fairly sought-after fragrance, in which the main note of leather is framed by the aroma of iris and sandalwood. Eau de toilette is quite bright, so you should not use it as a daily one. It is better to leave it for special occasions in life when a man is wearing a suit.


  1. Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas

A temperamental, hot fragrance from Antonio Banderas. The main notes are watery and woody, this combination is both refreshing and sensual. This is the perfect choice for men who rely on their emotions.


  1. Sexy Man by Carolina Herrera

Even though the men’s perfume is persistent and quite heavy, it suits young guys, because it belongs to the classic fragrances. The composition harmoniously combines vanilla, amber, citrus, musk, and tobacco notes. This is an ideal choice for a man with an active lifestyle who does not like and does not know how to sit in one place.


  1. James Ocean Royal by Eon Production

If your ideal masculine is James Bond, then the fragrance from the American brand is perfect. It combines notes of anise, lime, and musk. Fresh notes give the image of masculinity and heroism.


  1. Giorgio Bertani White by L’accorte

Eau de toilette is universal in every sense – suitable for men and women of any age and with any temperament. The aroma is light and unobtrusive, there is some resemblance to Kenzo toilet water – the base notes of oak, vanilla, and nutmeg are beautifully shaded by mandarin, cane, and lilac. This is a popular men’s perfume, as many note the optimal ratio of cost and quality.


  1. Team Five by Adidas

If sport is an integral part of your life and you do not know which men’s perfume to choose, pay attention to toilet water from a well-known brand. The composition perfectly combines woody notes with hints of rhubarb and lavender.


  1. Homme by Angel Schlesser

Thierry Wasser worked on the creation of the cologne, and he managed to put all the colorful Spain in one bottle. The perfumer reinterpreted the classics in a new way. If a man chooses a healthy lifestyle, fragrant, fresh notes will surely conquer him. A unique feature of the Spanish fragrance is that it contains a jasmine molecule, which reveals the fragrance as fully as possible. According to the reviews of many men, this smell cannot be confused with others, because there are simply no analogs.


  1. L’Homme Ideal by Guerlain

According to the experts of the oldest perfume house Guerlain, the ideal man in every sense smells of almonds. However, the presented fragrance is much more complex, multifaceted, and interesting. It contains notes of rosemary and citrus fruits – this combination embodies dynamism. The heart of the fragrance – almonds, sweet amaretto, and tonka beans – in perfumery language, such a composition embodies beauty. For the base, the perfumers chose strong, masculine notes of cedar and vetiver leather.


  1. Colonia Leather Eau de Cologne Concentree by Acqua di Parma

The fragrance contains ancient Italian traditions that will surely take you to sunny Tuscany. Eau de toilette is suitable for elegant men who love to travel, like to learn something new, and pay attention to details.

The basis of the fragrance is the old traditions of Italian tanners, framed by notes of rose, raspberry, and honeysuckle. The base composition consists of lemon and orange, while the elegant trail contains cedar, thyme, and incense. Complementing the fragrance bottle, decorated in art deco style.



How to choose the Most Persistent Men’s Perfume


A properly selected fragrance harmoniously complements the male image and perfectly emphasizes his individuality. The main criterion for choosing a perfume for a man is his character traits and his lifestyle.

Business Style

Today, business style is most common among men, the main qualities are ambition, focus on work and achieving goals, endurance, and dynamism. The ideal choice is woody and herbal fragrances, complemented by hints of cedar and sandalwood.



A sexy man with a difficult, masterful character, he is always irresistible and ready to accomplish a feat at any moment. As a rule, a macho man is impulsive and emotional. Eau de toilette with the addition of essential oils, patchouli, and amber is perfect for him.


Creative Person

Such men are always unpredictable and mysterious, their main character trait is sincerity. They can dive into themselves while maintaining individuality and charm. Creative individuals attach importance to every little thing. Such a man approaches the choice of perfume carefully and delicately.


Sport Style

For active and athletic men, perfumery should be energetic, concise, and restrained. Many perfume houses create whole lines of sports fragrances, the distinctive feature of which is citrus notes, and shades of the sea breeze. If a man is easy-going and loves extreme sports, a sports fragrance will surely suit him.



Such men are real gentlemen, gallant, and self-confident. They are distinguished by impeccable costume, intelligence, and restraint. For them, nobility and honor are above all. Classic fragrances should be sensual and attractive.



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