10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Reasons to Adopt a Pet. You’ve probably heard that a dog is man’s best friend. In addition to the much-loved animal, cats have also gained more and more space in the hearts of people. The truth is, whether it’s a dog or a cat, having a pet indoors is always a way to bring joy to the family. 

Adopting a pet is an important decision: he will be a new member of the family and, like any new member, he will need to adapt to the house and the house with him. It requires care, attention, affection, and dedication, and responsible adoption has been increasingly guided by NGOs and caregivers responsible for managing this meeting between tutors and pets.


10 Reasons that Will Convince You to Adopt a Pet for Your Home


10. Company 

Animals are loyal and faithful companions. Dogs already have this reputation for a long time, but felines are also great friends and, despite being suspicious, when their loyalty is conquered, it is eternal. Having a pet is having a great friend to accompany you on all your adventures – and in the sad moments too.


9. Decreases the Number of Abandoned Animals on the Streets and in Shelters

All pets deserve a dignified life, full of love and protection. For this reason, by carrying out a responsible adoption, you are providing a better quality of life for your pet. In addition, by adopting the animal from a shelter you will automatically be saving more than one life, as your new best friend’s space will be made available to another stray animal that will be rescued.

8. Alert in Dangerous Situations

Usually, animals sense the dangers that surround us before we do and try to get attention in some way. Cats, for example, stay close to their owners in distress and often change their behavior. In addition, the tail and ears bristled. Dogs, on the other hand, use the best they have: their barking and insistence.

7. Happiness 

In the same way that you do good for your pet, he also strives to provide moments of joy in your life. The feeling of happiness will be there for the whole family if you don’t live alone.

6. Sociability 

If you’re openly antisocial, a pet can help you solve some of these problems. Studies show that animals, especially dogs, make you more active, get out of the house more, and hang out with other people more. A pet also makes you more sensitive to another and improves your ability to empathize.

5. Good for Health 

Several studies have already shown the good that a pet does to people’s health. In addition, having a pet at home results in outings that encourage exercise, improve blood pressure, and prevent the owner from showing signs of depression, anxiety, or stress.

4. Adoption of Adult Animals 

Although many people are afraid to adopt an adult pet because they believe they will have difficulties adapting to their new home, thinking this way is a mistake. Since the animals welcomed at this stage are more grateful for being adopted adults. There will also be no surprises, such as growing larger than expected, crying at night, or displaying a different behavior than when you were a puppy.

3. Develop Responsibility 

Having a pet helps you be more responsible. As pets need constant care with water, food, exercise, and hygiene, the caregiver creates notions of responsibility that he will take for the rest of his life, including the work environment and studies. Animals make us better people and more aware of each other’s needs.


2. Does not Participate in the Animal Market

The market that negotiates the lives of pets can be very cruel to them, unfortunately. In many cases, breeders (owners of puppy mills) exploit the purebred animals by forcing them to reproduce incessantly to generate the puppies that are commercialized. It is common for animals not to receive any medical care and to live in environments with little or no hygiene, subjected to degrading situations.


1. You are Saving Lives 

Adopting an animal is a big responsibility, and it’s not just because you’ll need to take care of it at home. Adoption is capable of saving the life of a pet that could be on the streets, abandoned, starving, and possibly suffering from abuse.

Most NGOs and veterinary clinics cannot support an animal for a long time, not being able to maintain the number of homeless dogs and cats they often receive. In addition to bringing a new companion into the house, you are saving the life of a great friend and allowing him to receive love in a safe home.



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