10 Myths About the Origin of the Universe

Myths About the Origin of the Universe. A creation myth is a symbolic narrative belonging to a culture, tradition, or people, which describes its earliest beginnings, and how the world as we know it began. The origin of the universe and humanity itself has been portrayed from different perspectives throughout history. The culture of the local people, based on its premises, identified how this happened some time ago. Check below a list of 10 versions about the origin of the universe and the first living beings, based on different cultures and peoples.


10 Myths About the Origin of the Universe


  1. Tuskegee

The Tuskegee is a Native American tribe, and according to their belief, water ran everywhere. Some birds and animals decided to have a meeting to choose whether there should be only land or only water. There was a dispute with some wanting water and others wanting the land.

They elected the Eagle as their leader and the dove was assigned to find land, but after four days, the dove came back and said it couldn’t find land anywhere. So crayfish swam in the deep waters and came back after four days with some dirt in their claws, which they made into a ball and handed to the Eagle Chief.

The Chief flew the earth ball and after four days declared that an island had been formed and there was land. Over time, more islands were formed and water levels reduced. Some islands came together to form the land as we know it now.


  1. Mayans

The creation myth in Mayan culture is written in the Popol Vuh, the holy book about the emergence of man. According to him, gods created the earth, sky, and then heavier and lighter animals. However, wanting worship, they gathered efforts to build beings capable of speech.

According to the record, the experiments were initially done with mud, but it was somewhat flawed. Then they decided to include wood to sustain the body, but that didn’t work either, generating the fury of deluges. However, in the last attempt, they used corn and water, creating talking human flesh, but feared the creatures’ perfection.


  1. China

According to Chinese mythology, the entire universe was contained in an egg. Matter swirled in the egg and became the ground for the giant named Pan Gu. After a hiatus of 18,000 years, he awoke, breaking the egg, with the lighter, purer content of matter rising to form the sky while the impure filth settled down as earth. Pan Gu, fearing that the earth and the sky would become one, decided to put the sky above his head and the earth under his feet.


  1. Greece

The creation myth in ancient Greece also marks the origin of the universe portrayed at that time. From a cosmic void, the gods Gaia and Eros manifested, having Gaia,  Terra, the destiny of becoming a divine home. With that, Gaia gave birth to the god Uranus and Okeanos, and the gods, in mating, formed the creation.

Several battles later, the universe was divided and Zeus, the descendant of Gaia with Uranus, became supreme ruler. The titan Prometheus took charge of human creation, while the goddess Athena bestowed life.


  1. Nordics

Before Earth was created, Niflheim was made and gave way to a spring that split into twelve rivers. The South region was hot, while the North was cold. When the south wind – hot – blew over the north side, the ice melted to form a man named Ymir, and more ice melted to form the cow that fed Ymir milk.

The cow was fed on its ice, and as it fed (and melted the ice with it), another man came along and married the daughter of one of the giants. Together they had three sons, of which Odin was the mighty one. Ymir turned out to be evil and then Odin and his brothers killed Ymir and from the frost giant’s body created the earth. Ymir’s blood became the sea, her hair became trees, and her bones became rocks and mountains.


  1. Jews

The story of human creation is shared at many points between Jews and Christians. In the Old Testament, the book of Genesis shows the creation of the world at the hands of God in one week. In short, it was He who gave way to avoid existence for the world with the natural laws we now know.


  1. Maori

According to the Maori tribe, humans were spawned by Rangi and Papa, also called Heaven and Earth. They had six children and some of them felt that if Rangi and Papa didn’t part, chaos would ensue. They decided to separate them, and as in the Chinese creation myth, a son took the sky above his head and pushed the earth down with his feet. Once the union was broken, the multitudes that were produced by them were released.


  1. Tupi-Guarani

In the myth of indigenous creation, the Guarani legends point to the god Tupã as the great artisan of life. The Sun god received help from the Moon goddess Araci, descending to earth to the Aragua region in Paraguay.

From that point, he touched the face of the earth and everything above and below it, at the same time that the stars were positioned in the places where they are, as well as other stars. It is said that in a well-constructed ceremony, clay statues of the man and woman received elements from nature, as soon as life was breathed into them, the god left them with the spirits of good and evil.


  1. Indian

For Indians, in the beginning, there was nothing but hunger and death, the object “he” that could refer to any self-intuitive wandered alone in eternal space. The sentient being had the notion to create a spirit and created it. It moved in a revered fashion and water was generated. Gradually, the foam was formed in the water and then the water solidified to form Earth.


  1. Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians saved the story of the creation myth in the sacred hieroglyphics kept in pyramids, papyri, and temples. In this, the god Atum unintentionally aided in human creation, being one of the eyes of Ra. It is said that the eye separated from Ra consciously and did not want to return, causing conflict between him and other gods.

The gods in question were Shu and Tefnut, the sons of Atum, who sought him out and fought to bring him back. With that, during the long struggle, his eye ended up shedding holy tears. In this, the first humans sprouted from them as vegetation does when rainfalls.


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